David Van Meerbeke ’12


Hometown: Gettysburg PA

Current Location: Washington, DC

Why did you choose SHA? The intimacy of the program within the larger university as well as a conversation with Dean Stamas about what the University and SHA had to offer.

What is your favorite BU memory?
By far the most fun I had at BU was playing intramural sports with some of my closest friends but the Taking Broomball Championship my Junior year was the best of the best.

What was your first full-time job, and how did you end up in your current position?
My first full-time job was Shift Coordinator at Trevi 5 at the Hotel Hershey. I started working in Food and Beverage in High School and worked at a Ski Resort, a Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop, a local restaurant, a chain hotel, a few college dining halls and eventually as an Intern at the Hotel Hershey. After graduation I was took a position at the Historic Hotel Hershey over many larger management programs. This allowed me to gain more insight and have more responsibility which led to me getting a job with Fairmont.

Please describe your current role, and how your SHA education has impacted your career?
Currently I am the Assistant Outlets Manager at the Fairmont Washington DC, Georgetown. I help oversee the Restaurant, Lobby Lounge and In-Room Dining outlets and actually got the job through a SHA connection. SHA really taught me a lot about the industry in classes but was even more encouraging in learning outside the class. More so, SHA taught me to network, become a leader and grow into a hospitality professional, not just a student. In SHA and at BU you discover so much but what you really take in the end is the relationships, the stories and the confidence that gives you the extra edge.

Any advice for current and prospective students?
Work in the city (Boston) to find out what you love then do what you love. You can grow as fast as you let yourself.