Casey Parmelee ’08

parmeleeHometown: Haddam, CT

Current Location: New York City

Why did you choose SHA?
I chose SHA because I knew that I would be challenged and that when I graduated, opportunities would be made available with the best companies in the industry.

What is your favorite BU memory?
How can I pick just one? One of my favorite memories is being a part of Red Sox history during both my freshman and senior year. During my senior year my friends and I camped outside of Fenway Park for gameday tickets and were able to see games 1 and 2 of the World Series for under $200.

What was your first full-time job, and how did you end up in your current position?
My first full-time job was at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC in their Management Development Program. I began my four year journey at the Waldorf as a Front Desk Manager, overseeing the desk and guest hotline for the 1400 room hotel. From there I moved through various positions in the rooms division, finally landing as the Waldorf Towers Housekeeping Manager. In that role I oversaw all VIP, celebrity, and diplomatic stays, facilitated press junkets and movie shoots that took place in suites. After two years in that role, I decided it was time to move on to a new property to test out all that I had learned at the Waldorf. Currently, I am the Assistant Director of Housekeeping at the Carlyle Hotel.

Please describe your current role, and how your SHA education has impacted your career.
In my current role, I directly oversee the daily operation of the housekeeping department as well as implement and manage programs to maintain the quality of our product. My SHA education gave me the skills to be successful as a leader. Not only did I learn basic industry information, but through various projects and partnerships with industry leaders, I learned how to work through difficult situations and develop teams that are working towards the same goals.

Any advice for current and prospective students?
Pay attention, take advantage of the internships and programs that the school has to offer. Keep an open mind and don’t limit yourself. Some of the best decisions that I’ve made have required a leap of faith and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.