While at SHA, you can pursue a minor through any school or program at Boston University. A minor concentration typically consists of a sequence of five or six courses within a single department or field. General electives are commonly used but you should make an advising appointment to discuss what is most advantageous for you.  To declare a minor you are required to complete an official Minor Declaration Form and submit it to our Student Services office at 928 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 307.  Your minor will not be officially declared until your form has been process.  Call 617-353-3261 to schedule an appointment.

Hospitality Administration Minor

The School of Hospitality Administration offers a Hospitality Administration minor consisting of 26 credits, available to all BU undergraduate students unless indicated otherwise. This includes the following courses:

  • HF 100 Introduction to Hospitality Administration (4 cr)
  • HF 200 (2 cr)
    For SMG students only
  • HF 220 Food & Beverage Management (4 cr)
  • HF 231 Human Resources Management for the Hospitality Industry (4 cr)
    Students who have taken OB 221 are exempt from taking HF 231
  • HF 270 Lodging Operations and Technology (4 cr)
  • HF 310 Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry (4 cr)
    Prerequisite course: MA 120 and HF 210 or SMG AC 221 or equivalent
  • HF 370 Revenue Management (2 cr)
    Prerequisite course: HF 270
  • HF 460 Advanced Hospitality Marketing (4 cr)
    Prerequisite course: HF 260 or SMG MK 323 or equivalent

A minimum grade of C is required in all courses that fulfill the Hospitality Administration minor.