Work and International Experiences

Work Experience I (HF140)
The first work experience is designed to give students better insight into the field of hospitality.  A minimum of 400 hours in an internship or job within the industry is required. This position is intended to be an exploratory experience in which you begin to understand what segment of the industry you would like to pursue. The job or internship must be related to the field of hospitality and students should select an experience which will fit into their future career goals.

Work Experience II (HF240)
The second work requirement will provide students an opportunity to work in a position that involves more responsibility than their first experience.  A minimum of 400 hours in an a leadership or supervisory role will give students the background necessary to become a strong candidate for a career position upon graduation.

International Experience (HF440) 
The International Experience is a requirement for all School of Hospitality Administration students. The purpose of the international experience requirement is to expose SHA students to a culture outside the United States. The global nature of the hospitality industry necessitates a genuine sensitivity to cultures other than our own. Employers value language skills and/or study abroad experiences. Students are NOT eligible to apply for a study abroad program unless they have completed at least one 400-hour work experience.

NOTE: Consult with SHA’s Career Services for assistance in selecting experiences that are acceptable to fulfill these requirements.