International Internships & Programs

To succeed in an industry where “think globally” is a given, you’ll need a keen cultural intelligence and, most likely, more than one language. That’s why exposure to a variety of cultures will be a critical part of your education at SHA. Besides living and studying with BU students from more than 140 countries, you’ll broaden your worldwide horizons through a required international experience.

One of the most popular options, BU Study Abroad, offers programs in 75 countries spread across six continents. Many feature an internship component, where you can work in a variety of hospitality businesses in cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, Sydney, Auckland, Dublin, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC Overseas internships also count toward your required 800 hours of work experience.

But you won’t be limited to internship locations for your international exposure. We let you choose from all of BU’s Study Abroad programs, from Zanzibar to Shanghai.

See more details about BU Study Abroad Programs with specific hospitality internship programs, course requirements, and application deadlines*:

*Always double check deadlines and elective offerings on the BU Study Abroad website.