Electives: 36 credits

Please note: You are required to complete 12 credits within SHA.

Our electives are your chance to explore the industry or dive deeper into an area of interest.

For students matriculated in Fall 2014 and after: Hospitality electives are offered in 1, 2, or 4-credit courses. Students are required to complete a total of 12 credits of hospitality electives. 6 of the 12 credits must be taken from Group A Hospitality Electives.

Group A Electives

SHA HF 307 Hospitality Entrepreneurship

Prereq: SHA HF 220 ; SHA HF 260 ; SHA HF 310.

This course is intended to be a capstone experience for students seeking to understand hospitality entrepreneurship and innovation as a professional business system. Student teams will create, develop and design a concise Pro Forma Business Plan for a start-up non-profit or profit-driven hospitality enterprise. At the end of the semester teams will make a competitive presentation integrating the principles and skills mastered in previous coursework to a panel of successful hospitality entrepreneurs. 4 credits.   [ 4 cr. ]

SHA HF 313 Advanced Hospitality Accounting and Finance

Prereq: SHA HF 210 and SHA HF 310.

Focus is on the accounting operational duties faced by accountants in the Hospitality industry. This course covers day-to-day duties that typical hotel accountants encounter such as transactional accounting and internal controls including capital expenditure (CapEx) budgeting and property improvement program (PIP) analysis. In addition, the course will cover financial analysis that accountants typically encounter in the Hospitality industry. Other areas covered will include accounting processes, regulatory requirement, and non-accounting duties. 2 credits   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 321 Advanced Food and Beverage Management

Prereq: (SHA HF 220)

This intermediate-level course is designed to complete a student's foundation in food and beverage management. Critical issues in the food service industry are explored in depth. Course content will vary. Analysis of daily operations with a focus on developing viable solutions to problems is emphasized. The course content is grouped into six thematic competency clusters. 4 credits.   [ 4 cr. ]

SHA HF 322 Hospitality Design

Prereq: (SHA HF 220 and SHA HF 270)

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of facility planning, layout and design for hotel, dining, kitchen, public and service areas. At the completion of the course, students will be able to explain the design process common to all hospitality facilities, as well as the activities that occur during each phase of this process. 4 credits.   [ 4 cr. ]

SHA HF 372 Operations Strategy and Analysis

Prereq: CAS MA 120 ; CAS MA 113 ; SHA HF 210 ; SHA HF 220 ; SHA HF 270.

This course provides students with basic techniques and tools to analyze and improve operational capabilities of a hospitality organization. Emphasis is placed on key topics in areas of (1) Operations Strategy, (2) Process and Service Design, (3) Process Improvement, (4) Quality Management, (5) Managing Capacity and Demand, (6) Queuing Models, (7) Forecasting, (8) Project Management, and (9) the use of spreadsheets in modeling and solving operations problems. 2 credits.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 375 Meetings & Conventions

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and SHA HF 220.

This course provides an introduction to the methods and techniques utilized in planning, organizing, promoting and delivering of businesses and social events, and the role events play in generating a tourist and business market. Information will be presented that will allow the student to gain general knowledge of planning events. 4 credits, offered Fall & Spring.   [ 4 cr. ]

SHA HF 415 Hospitality Asset Management

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and 310

This course is designed to introduce the student to a rapidly growing area of the lodging industry, namely, asset management. The course will define what asset management is today and examine the skills required to be a successful asset manager. There will be a special focus on the benefits to the hotel owner of hiring an asset manager and the role of the asset manager in representing the owner in deliberations about annual operating budgets and capital plans with the hotel management company. Finally, the course will examine what kinds of job opportunities are available in industry to those who desire to become asset managers. 2 credits.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 416 Hospitality Franchising

Prereq: SHA HF 220 and SHA HF 270

This course deals with both the legal and practical applications of franchise systems including the start-up, development, operation and management of franchises from the perspective of both the franchisor and the franchisee. Particular emphasis will be placed on the franchisor-franchisee relationship. The course will focus on both the restaurant and hotel industries. 2 credits.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 417 Hotel Management Agreements & Negotiation

Prereq: SHA HF 220 and SHA HF 270

This course deals with both the legal and practical application, negotiation, and implementation of hotel (and to a lesser extent, restaurant) management agreements from the perspective of the owner and the operator. Particular emphasis will be placed on the negotiation of a hotel management agreement. 2 credits.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 470 Advanced Revenue Management

An advanced study of Hotel Revenue Management. To gain more in depth knowledge of revenue management practices, classroom work is combined with a field project. 2cr. Preq. HF370   [ 2 cr. ]

The remaining 6 credits can be selected from either Group A or Group B (see below). When selecting the electives, student should consider their career objectives and personal interests. For example, if a student is interested in additional exposure to a specific area or specialty in the hospitality industry, then he or she can select his or her hospitality electives in that area. It is important to make sure that you have completed any prerequisite courses before registering for hospitality electives. Information on prerequisites can be found in the course description

Group B Electives

SHA HF 103 Distinguished Hospitality Management Lecturers

A series of guest lectures given by high-level industry executives who have distinguished themselves in the hospitality industry. You may take the course twice for credit. Pass/Fail grading. 2 credits, offered Spring Only.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 295 Private Club Management

Prereq: SHA HF 100

Provide students with an introduction to the hospitality management specialization of Club Management. Lecture topics will include: what clubs are, organizational structure of clubs, service in the club environment, profit or non-profit, and professionals in club management. There will also be guest speakers, classroom case studies and field trips. 2 credits   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 329 Intro to Fine Wines

Prereq: SHA HF 100.

This course offers a complete, introductory-level overview of the fine wines of the world. The purpose of the course is fourfold: 1. Ensure a thorough knowledge of the world's major wine-producing regions, their noble grape varietals, their classification systems and quality control laws. 2. Build basic understanding of the wine-making process, its variations and its pitfalls, thus aiding in the ability to appreciate a great wine and spot a flawed one. 3. Illustrate techniques of quantified sensorial assessment of wine so that the student may perform the buying function knowledgeably and confidently. 4. Acquire an understanding of how to perform job functions related to wine, such as writing a wine list, in the hospitality industry. 2 credits, offered Fall & Spring.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 332 Professional Development for the Hospitality Industry

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and SHA HF 231

This course provides an introduction to the management of others with an emphasis on the hospitality industry. Using relevant articles and real life examples, it will provide a thorough look at what it means to be responsible for the performance of others. Topics covered will include exploring different management styles, performance management, directing and coaching others, and the effective training of staff. 2 credits.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 350 Tourism and Hospitality Industries in China

Prereq: SHA HF 220 & SHA HF 270

This course is designed to introduce tourism and hospitality industries in China. This spring only course provides a unique opportunity to learn about China -- the emerging superpower and gain new perspective on travel and lodging operations. The course requires a field trip to China during the spring break. Students are responsible for additional fees for the trip. Class is open for all SHA sophomores, juniors, seniors, and SHA minors through an application and evaluation process. Contact Dr. Zoe Ho at zoejyho@bu.edu for application information. 4 credits, offered Spring Only.   [ 4 cr. ]

SHA HF 360 Hospitality Sales Management

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and SHA HF 260

Introduction to the practical application of the sales process, including the selling process, identifying prospects, working with distribution channels, creativity in sales, and how to manage a sales department. 2 credits.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 362 Destination Marketing

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and SHA HF 260

Analysis of the operations and functions of convention bureaus and tourism boards and their relationship to the hotel and restaurant industry. Topics include the funding and managing of convention bureaus and the marketing programs utilized by destination promotion organizations. 2 credits.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 363 Tourism Management

Prereq: SHA HF 260

Discuss professional techniques and practices of foreign and domestic tourism, travel delivery systems, and tourism destination developments. 4 credits.   [ 4 cr. ]

SHA HF 366 Hospitality Electronic and Social Media Marketing

Prereq: SHA HF 260; SHA HF 360 and SHA HF364 are recommended.

This is a course in Electronic and Social Media Marketing in the hospitality industry, focusing on how electronic/social marketing may be integrated with traditional marketing tools. Since the options are rapidly changing, the course will cover all current and future marketing channels and tools, integrating what you learned in the basic marketing course (HF260) with the challenge of determining how social media fits in to an overall marketing solution. The basics of social media will be examined and then applied to hospitality marketing challenges. Since these are new tools, which are changing quickly, the class will benefit from Industry experts. The concept of Engagement Marketing and establishing a dialogue will be fully explored. Special attention will be placed on improving your understanding of the integration of social media with traditional marketing/advertising/PR solutions. You will improve your analysis of the solutions and presentational skills with respect to such areas as: * Determining what tools are available and appropriate for the specific need * Evaluating competitive use in social media * Positioning your hospitality product/ service in the marketplace using social media to create unique competitive advantages * Development of profitable integrated marketing plans/ courses of action incorporating recommendations with regards to the above. 2 credits, offered Spring Only.   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 403 Seminar with Distinguised Hospitality Speakers

Prereq: SHA HF 100.

This course is designed to give a limited number of seniors (or others with special permission) who are enrolled in the HF 103 Distinguished Hospitality Speaker Series, an opportunity to meet with those speakers in an informal seminar setting. Students will be expected to write several papers about the topics covered by the speakers as the basis for their course grades. Sprg sem. 2 credits   [ 2 cr. ]

SHA HF 422 Food Laboratory Modules: Seafood Cookery

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and SHA HF 120.

Hands-on course focuses on preparation of a wide variety of seafood species as well as various cooking techniques. 1 credit, offered Spring Only.   [ 1 cr. ]

SHA HF 424 Food Laboratory Modules: Pastries

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and SHA HF 120.

Hands-on course features the preparation of many different categories of fine desserts, pastries, and petit fours. 1 credit, offered Fall Only.   [ 1 cr. ]

SHA HF 430 Advanced Wine Study

Prereq: SHA HF 100 and 329

Students must be 21 to take this course. This course offers a thorough study of wine tasting, wine and food pairing and wine and food event planning. Each class features a blind tasting of selected wines along with discussion on the principles of critical tasting and wine and food pairing. The objectives of the course are to fully prepare those entering the hospitality industry to purchase wines and to recommend them to customers with various types of food. 2 credits, offered Fall & Spring.   [ 2 cr. ]