[Hospitality Upgrade] School of Hospitality Students on Transforming Social into Search

“As human beings, we are a species that inherently craves information. Our world is information-driven, and social media has only compounded the impact on individuals. Throughout the past decade, how people get their information has drastically shifted: from reading the white pages, searching on Google, to social media via smartphones. In 2009, Michael Arrington, a serial entrepreneur and founder of TechCrunch, a prominent technology blog, wrote an article titled, “It’s Time to Start Thinking About Twitter as a Search Engine.” The article speaks to how and why Arrington uses Twitter as a search engine, and every example provided relates to the hospitality industry – two prominent examples being about the Lufthansa and W Hotels brands. With ever-evolving technologies, it is absolutely time for the hospitality industry to start thinking of social media as a search engine.”

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