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July 3rd, 2012

Rocco DiSpirito’s Boston: Get Plugged In!

In this episode of the online competition series “Plugged In,” celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito takes viewers to his college town, Boston, where he puts our six contestants to the test with new challenges of stamina, problem solving and driving skills. The contestants, working in teams of two, unravel DiSpirito’s clues about his favorite Beantown locations and activities, which lead them on adventurous challenges uniquely linked to Rocco’s personal life. The teams compete to earn “butterfly” points, with the ultimate goal of representing Boston in the finale and competing with winners in nine other cities for a chance to win an all-new Ford Focus Electric.

The first challenge takes contestants to Rocco’s alma mater Boston University where Rocco assisted legendary chef Julia Child, who helped launch the BU program. It was here that Rocco did his very first “on-air” cooking demonstration. Our teams will have their own cooking challenge, where they will have five minutes to menu plan and thirty minutes of cooking time to create a dish to impress Rocco. BU is a leader in sustainable food service and the only food court in the US to be a Certified Green Restaurant.

For the second challenge, Rocco sends the participants on a scavenger hunt to visit some of his most beloved locations in the Boston area. The contestants must try to reach as many locations as possible during the allotted time, taking a picture in each location and uploading their photo to Flickr at Flickr at Contestants have the option of heading to the Seaport to snap a picture in front of the seafood restaurant James Hook & Co . As a broke college student, lobster was far from an affordable meal choice. However, Rocco loved coming to James Hook to get a “Bucket of Knuckles” for just a few dollars. On Sunday afternoons, Rocco would go to another location on the scavenger hunt, Back Bay Laundry , which is nestled under the Harvard Bridge. While waiting on the final cycle, Rocco could head to India Samraat . Our challengers can snap a picture at the meter in front of this Indian restaurant for more points. Teams also have the option to head to Rocco’s first apartment at 296 Marlborough. This historic Boston neighborhood boasts rows of Victorian brownstone homes and beautiful 19th century architecture.

When he’s not in the kitchen, Rocco loves competing in triathlons. For the final challenge, teams head back to Boston University where Rocco has put together one of his own. The first leg consists of a relay race at the BU Aquatic Center. The second leg is on a bike, utilizing equipment from Boston’s bicycle sharing system, Hubway. For the final leg, teams must sprint to the finish with the winner moving on to the finale for their chance to win a all-new Ford Focus Electric.

Watch the full episode.

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