“How to Bring Your Kids up Gay”


Faculty moderators held two workshops for undergraduate and graduate students on Sedgwick’s 1991 essay “How to Bring Your Kids Up Gay: The War on Effeminate Boys.” This short, accessible text focused attention on the alarming rate of suicide among gay and gender non-conforming youth, and critiqued the failure of psychotherapists in the US to address this crisis with queer-affirmative interventions. Beyond generating more active student participation in the symposium itself, these sessions aimed to foster intellectual community among students across the university,while also bringing together students and faculty members with shared intellectual interests outside the context of the classroom.

The workshops were held on:

Tuesday, October 27, 4-6pm @ the Women’s Resource Center, George Sherman Union, Lower Level (Across from BU Central)

Wednesday, October 28, 7-9pm @ CAS 325.