Cindy Patton

Cindy Patton is a Professor at Simon Fraser University. She holds a joint appointment in the departments of Sociology and Anthropology and Women’s Studies as Canada Research Chair in Community, Culture, and Health.  She received her Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1992.  She has published work in the areas of the social study of medicine, especially AIDS; social movement theory; gender studies; and media studies.  Her current research interests include the social study of medicine, especially social aspects of AIDS and wilderness medicine; continental theory; and research design, especially mixed methods.  She was co-editor of Queer Diasporas (Duke University Press, 2000) and a special issue of Cultural Studies on Pierre Bourdieu in 2003.  She is the author of such works as Globalizing AIDS (University of Minnesota Press, 2002), Cinematic Identity: Anatomy of a Problem Film (University of Minnesota Press, 1997), Fatal Advice: How Safe-Sex Education Went Wrong (Duke University Press, 1996) and Inventing Aids (Routledge, 1990).