Questions for Faculty concerning BU Men’s Ice Hockey Team

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August 15th, 2012

As you may have seen, the co-chairs of the Men’s Ice Hockey Task Force recently invited input from all members of the Boston University community.  However, we wanted to make a request specifically addressed to our faculty colleagues.  We are particularly interested in your experiences with members of the men’s ice hockey team and with members of the Athletic Department related to ice hockey players.  Have you been asked to provide accommodations to hockey players and, if yes, what types of accommodations?  Have you provided accommodations?  What has been your experience with hockey players’ class attendance and participation, quality of work, and relationship with their classmates? How does your experience with hockey players differ from your experience with other athletes?


While we are especially interested in your direct experiences and observations, we are also very interested in your opinions about issues related to our examination of the men’s ice hockey program. You may provide information to the task force by responding to this email.  You are also welcome to provide your input through the mechanisms described in the message from the co-chairs of the Men’s Ice Hockey Task Force:


1.)   Posting comments to the Task Force website {}

2.)   Participating in the next Task Force Open Forum

3.)   Submitting a letter, either anonymously or by identifying yourself, to the Task Force in the care of the two chairs (Jean Morrison and Jonathan Cole) at Office of the Provost

As was mentioned in the “Call for Input” to the entire university community from the co-chairs, every reasonable effort will be made to protect the privacy and confidentiality of those who submit comments or letters, and of other individuals who may be identified in such communications to the Task Force. Because any apparent violation of law and/or Boston University policy that may come to light must be addressed, complete confidentiality may not be possible.