Advising Period

Advising is held in the fall and spring approximately two weeks before registration begins. This is a period during which the department offers extra times for faculty advising appointments. During this period, the department uses an online appointment scheduling system. Details will be emailed out to all history majors.

The advisor will have the student’s file, and the two will plan the student’s overall studies and, in particular, the classes for the next semester. Students can take signed registration forms to the department office to receive their advising code. Students must meet with an advisor in order to receive an advising code.

Check-off Sheets for Registration

Checkoff sheets for requirements for the new History concentration and optional thematic concentrations (for majors declared after June 2011) are available below. Students may download them to prepare for an advising appointment.

Check-off sheets for majors declared before June 2011.

Check-off sheets for majors declared after June 2011)

Courses with Restricted Enrollment

Some seminars (a 400- or 500-level course) require instructor permission and appear locked on the Student Link. To enroll in a seminar which is locked a student will need to contact the department office as procedures vary by Professor.

Adding and Dropping Courses

A student may add and drop courses by WebReg through the second week of classes. If a class has reached its enrollment limit, only a course adjustment form signed by the instructor can enable the student to register for the class.