Student Documentaries on World History, Fall 2013

In Fall 2013, 37 students in the course HI 175 – World History to 1500 (mostly non-majors, and many freshmen) engaged in a semester long video-project on nine main topics related to the in-class lectures: Hunter or Farmer; Heroes of Antiquity; The Axial Age; Great Empires; Rise of World Religions; Eurasian Contacts on the Silk Road; The World the Mongols Made; The Mayan Experience; Expanding Worlds through Oceanic Voyages.

The course was taught by Professor Eugenio Menegon, with the assistance of videographer Alp Atabay (Ph.D. Student at the BU Editorial institute) and grader Daniel Burge (Ph.D. Student in US History).

Several workshops coordinated by Alp Atabay imparted technical knowledge to the students on how to prepare a script and format a short video (around 5 minutes), and the final products were presented at the end of the semester. The quality was quite good and several of the projects were fun to watch and humorous, but also rich in historical content.

Three videos have been selected for your enjoyment. Congratulations to all our budding filmmakers!


“Hunter or Farmer: Whose Life Would You Want?”

Team members: Laura Auketayeva; Alejandro Beristain; Stephanie Epstein; Rongdian Zhu


“Heroes of Antiquity: Achilles, Gilgamesh, and the Mayan Twin Heroes”

Team members: Riley Jones; Claire Kilcullen; Eileen Klomhaus; Aiden Thomas.


“Life of a Mayan Commoner: The Untold Mayan Story”

Team Members: Ashlyn Edwards; Jamie Johannsen; Rachel Strathdee; Lan Sun.