Tour of JFK Presidential Museum

All Day
on Saturday, November 16, 2013
On Saturday November 16, the Undergraduate History Association will join Professor Holm’s American Presidency class on a tour of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum. The Academic Enhancement Fund and the International History Institute generously agreed to help fund this trip. A free visit to the museum encourages students to explore educational opportunities off campus. The museum provides an informative experience that class lectures cannot. As students step into the exhibits, they step into the 1960s. The museum’s extensive use of video and sets designed to look like the oval office and the White House corridor, take visitors right into the time period and give them a feel for life during the Kennedy Administration. Unlike many other museums, the Kennedy museum engages visitors by immersing them in history with authentic camera footage, sound clips, and realistic sets. The UHA aims to provide this type of experience. Through this trip and other excursions, the organization provides a place where students can discuss their interests and interact with history in the world outside of text books. The UHA plans engaging events to show that history surrounds us every day, and that it is far from boring. While the trip attracts mainly History majors, the UHA welcomes students from all disciplines to learn about 1960s history and the American presidency. The organization hopes that trips like this one will encourage all students to further pursue their interests in History. Anyone interested in the Undergraduate History Association may contact the organization via email at Also, like BU Undergraduate History Association on Facebook and follow BU History Assn. @BU_UHA.on Twitter.