Registering for Classes

During the designated early registration periods, a student must make an appointment with their advisor and select courses for the next semester. The student then goes to the department administrator’s office; the administrator will register the student for the courses approved by their advisor or provide a code for online registration. If the student will be a Teaching Fellow for the semester, the administrator will also register the student for the course designed for Teaching Fellows.

Consortium Courses

Boston University graduate students may register for graduate courses at Boston CollegeBrandeis University, or Tufts University. They make arrangements to enroll in such courses at the Office of the Registrar, 881 Commonwealth Avenue. The instructor from the outside institution is responsible for awarding a grade.

Continuing Student Status

A student who has completed all departmental course requirements must register each subsequent regular semester for continuing student status until all requirements for the degree have been completed. Payment of the Continuing Student Fee each semester entitles the student to use the libraries and consult with academic staff. Note that a student must be registered for any semester in which a degree requirement is completed (such as submission of the research paper or passing the language examination). Continuing student fees are covered by the Graduate School.

Certification of Full-Time Study

A student registered for fewer than three courses or 12 credits but engaged otherwise in full-time study, research, or teaching pertinent to the completion of degree requirements or to gaining competence in the field of study may be certified as a full-time student. A student desiring full-time certification must submit to the Graduate School a completed full-time certification form approved by the advisor and Department Chair or Director of Graduate Studies. Note: students who are Teaching Fellows do not need to submit the full-time certification form.


A student who has reached the time limit for the fulfillment of degree requirements (7 years) must file a petition for an extension of time.