Recent PhD Graduates

PhDs in History, 1990-Present

Name Dissertation Title Major Advisor Graduation Year Current Position
Mark Abate “Roger Bacon and the Rage of Antichrist: The Apocalypse of a Thirteenth Century Natural Philosopher” Professor Clifford Backman May 2000 Associate Professor of History, Westfield State University.
Peter Alegi “Keep Your Eye on the Ball: A Social History of Soccer in South Africa, 1910-1976” Professor Diana Wylie May 2000 Associate Professor of History, Michigan State University
Mitchell Allen “The Anglo-Hanoverian Connection in the Foreign Policy of George II Professor John Gagliardo May 2000
Jennifer Alpert “Medicine and Politics in the Life of Henry I. Bowditch, M.D., 1808-1892″ Professor Thomas Glick May 2004
Angel Amy-Moreno “The Spanish Treatment of Miruscis as a Model for the Treatment of Native Americans” Professor Thomas Glick May 1999 Professor of Social Sciences Emeritus, Roxbury Community College
David Atkinson “The Burdens of Whiteness: Asian Immigration Restriction and White Supremacy in the British Empire and the United States, 1897-1924″ Professor William Keylor May 2010 Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University
Devon H. Atchison “Shades of Change: Suntanning and the Twentieth Century American Dream” Professor Bruce Schulman January 2007
Belete Bizuneh “An Agrarian Polity and Its Pastoral Periphery: State, Society and Pastoralism in the Borana Borderlands (Southern Ethiopia), 1897-1991″ Professor James McCann May 2008 Assistant Professor of History and Cultural Heritage, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)
Andrew R. Black “The Whig in Swallow Barn: The Political and Literary Culture of John Pendleton Kennedy” Professor Nina Silber January 2010
Leonid Blickstein “The Challenge of Otherness: Self, Values, and Modernity in Russian Philosophical Thought, 1900-1917″ Professor Anna Geifman January 2003
Victor Bondi “The Origins of the Theory of Totalitarianism: Essays in Interpretation” Professor Richard Fox January 1993
Zbysek Brezina “The Czechoslovak Democrat: The Life, Writing and Politics of Hubert Ripka from 1918 to 1945″ Professor Anna Geifman May 2008 Assistant Professor of History, Eastern University
Kathyrn Brownell “The Entertainment Estate: Hollywood in American Politics, 1932-1972″ Professor Bruce Schulman May 2011 Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University
Kyri Claflin “Culture, Politics, and Modernization in Paris Provisioning, 1880-1920″ Professor William Keylor May 2006 Lecturer, Metropolitan College, Boston University
R. Samuel Deese “Ecology and the Gospel of Progress: Julian and Aldous Huxley in the American Century” Professor Charles Capper May 2007 Lecturer, Writing Program, Boston University
John Dempsey “Bonizo of Sutri: Life and Work” Professor Clifford Backman May 2006 Assistant Professor of History, Westfield State University
Jean Dunlavy “A Band of Sisters: Vietnam Veterans’ Organization for Rights and Recognition, 1965-1995″ Professor Bruce Schulman January 2009 Instructor, Phillips Exeter Academy
Brenda Gardenour “Medicine and Miracle: The Reception of Theory-Rich Medicine in the Hagiography of the Latin West, 13th and 14th Centuries” Professor Deeana Klepper January 2008 Assistant Professor of History, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Erik Gilbert “The Dhow Trade: Wooden Ships and the East
African Economy, 1860-1964″
Associate Professor of History, Arkansas State University
Melissa Graboyes “Surveying the ‘Pathological Museum’: A History of Medical Research in East Africa, 1940-1965″ Professor James McCann May 2010 Assistant Director of the African Studies Program at the University of Oregon
“Cold War Crucible: United States Foreign
Policy and the Conflict in Romania, 1943-1952″
David Mayers
Heather Hoag “Designing the Delta: A History of Water and Development in the Lower Rufiji River Basin, Tanzania, 1945-1985″ Professor James McCann January 2003 Associate Professor of History, University of San Francisco
Stacy Holden “Maintaining a Moroccan Medina: Commercial and Technological Innovations at the Workplace of Millers and Butchers in Fez, 1878-1937″ Professor Diana Wylie May 2005 Associate Professor of History, Purdue University
Kirk Hoppe “Lords of the Fly: Environmental Images and
Social Engineering in British East African
Sleeping Sickness Control, 1903-1963″
May 1997 Associate Professor of History,
University of Illinois at Chicago
Sanders Huguenin “The Curious History of the Prinkipo Idea: The Big Four and Bolshevism at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919″ Professor William Keylor May 1996 Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor; Associate Professor of History, University of Virginia, Wise
Katherine Jewell “As Dead as Dixie: The Southern States Industrial Council and the End of the New South, 1933-1954″ Professor Louis Ferleger May 2010 Assistant Professor of History, Fitchburg State University
Amy Kittelstrom “The Religion of Democracy: William James and Practical Idealism in Evolutionary America, 1870-1910″ Professor Charles Capper May 2004 Assistant Professor of History, Sonoma State University
Christina Kopp “‘A School of New Men’: Composing an American Identity in the Early Twentieth Century” Professor Bruce Schulman May 2006
Virginia Laffey “The Invisible Regiment: The Wives, Mothers and Girlfriends of Soldiers in Vietnam” Professor Bruce Schulman January 2006 Lecturer, Bryant University
Pamela Laird “The Business of Progress: The
Transformation of American Advertising,
Joseph Boskin
May 1992 Professor of History, University of
Colorado, Denver
François Lalonde “Diverging Visions of Leadership in the Atlantic Alliance, 1957-1963″ Professor William Keylor January 2011 Part-time professor, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa.
Ronald Lamothe “Slaves of Fortune: Sudanese Soldiers and the River War, 1896-1898″ Professor James McCann May 2010 Assistant Professor of History, Lesley College
Yusufu Lawi “Local Environmental Perceptions and te Political Economy of Natural Resource Use in Iraqw’ar Da/aw, Northern Tanzania, 1900-1980s” Professor James McCann January 2000 Senior Lecturer in History, University of Dar es Salaam
William Leeman “The Long Road to Annapolis: The Naval Academy Debate and Emerging Nationalism in the United States, 1775-1845″ Professor Nina Silber January 2006 Assistant Professor of History, Salve Regina University
Melissa Lurio “An Educated Bishop in an Age of Reform: Marbode, Bishop of Rennes, 1096-1123″ Professor Clifford Backman January 2004
“The Economic Impact of Shipwreck During the
Age of Discovery”
Thomas Glick
Associate Professor of History,
University of North Carolina, Wilmington
John McGrath “France in America, 1555-1565: A
Reevaluation of the Evidence”
May 1991 Associate Professor of Social Science,
College of General Studies, Boston
Robyn Metcalfe “Smithfield on the Move: Cattle, Commerce, and the City, 1800-1855” Professor Louis Ferleger January 2010 Director of UT Food Lab, University of Texas at Austin
Robert Munson “The Landscape of German Colonialism: Mounts Kilimanjaro and Meru, c. 1890-1916″ Professor James McCann May 2005 Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force intelligence, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama
April Najjaj “The Alhambra in Comparative Perspective: Towards a Definition of Palace-Cities” Professor Thomas Glick May 2005 Associate Professor of History, Greensboro
Melissane Parm “A Freedom to Suit Themselves: Negotiating Mashpee Indian Political Identity on Cape Cod, 1746-1834″ Professor Jill Lepore May 2003 Current position: Assistant Professor of History, St. Lawrence University
Sarah Phillips “Acres Fit and Unfit: Conservation and Rural Rehabilitation in the New Deal Era” Professor Bruce Schulman January 2004 Associate Professor of History, Boston University
“Zamanin Siyasa (the Time of Politics): Islam
and Political Legitimacy in Northern Nigeria,
May 1995 Professor of History, Northern
Kentucky University
Madia Thomson “Modernization, Slavery, and the Transformation of Social Hierarchy in Southwestern Morocco, 1912-56″ Professor Diana Wylie May 2005
Bryan Thrift “Jesse Helms, the New Right, and American Freedom” Professor Bruce Schulman January 2005 Assistant Professor of History, Tougaloo College
“A History of Public Health Policy in Lesotho,
Southern Africa, 1900-1980″
Senior Lecturer. Department of Development Studies,
National University of Lesotho
David Van
“The Empire of the Year 6000: Eschatology
and the Sanctification of Carolingian Politics”
May 1997 Financial Advisor, Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC, Little Falls, NY
Benjamin Varat “A Clash of Kings: de Gaulle, Kennedy and the Battle for Western Europe, 1958-1963″ Professor William Keylor January 2006 Assistant Professor of Social Science, College of General Studies, Boston University
Ellen Wald Professor Louis Ferleger
Timothy Walker “Doctors, Folk Medicine and the Inquisition: The Repression of Popular Healing in Portugal During the Enlightenment Era” Professor Barbara Diefendorf January 2001 Associate Professor of History, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Gerald Ward “Restoring the Shattered World: The Apocalyptic Mercantilism of Samuel Purchas and the Revelatiopn of World Trade” Professor Thomas Glick May 2003
Midori Yoshii “Reducing the American Burden: Kennedy’s Policy Toward Northeast Asia” Professor David Mayers May 2003 Associate Professor of International Studies, Albion College
A City and Its Hinterlands: The Political
Economy of Land Tenure, Agriculture and Food
Supply for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1887-1974″
Academic Vice President, Associate
Professor of History, Addis Ababa