General Society of Colonial Wars Grant

The General Society of Colonial Wars was established in 1892. Its Articles of Incorporation outline its purpose:

WHEREAS, it is desirable that there should be adequate celebrations commemorative of the events of Colonial History which took place within the period beginning with the settlement of Jamestown, Va., May 13, 1607, and preceding the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775;

THEREFORE, The Society of Colonial Wars is instituted to perpetuate the memory of those events, and of the men who, in military, naval, and civil positions of high trust and responsibility, by their acts or counsel, assisted in the establishment, defense, and preservation of the American Colonies, and who were in truth founders of this Nation. To this end, it seeks to collect and preserve manuscripts, rolls, relics, and records; to hold suitable commemorations, and to erect memorials relating to the American Colonial period; to inspire in its members the fraternal and patriotic spirit of their forefathers, and to inspire in the community respect and reverence for those whose public services made our freedom and unity possible.

In 2001 the Society selected the Department of History at Boston University as the recipient of the second Samuel Victor Constant Society Grant, to be named the “General Society of Colonial Wars John Adams Grant for Studies in American Colonial History”; the amount is $5,000.

The award is to be given to a graduate student in the doctoral program in the department to further studies in American colonial history. The first recipient was Andrea Mosterman, followed by Emily Murphy. Students are encouraged to apply for this fellowship after they have passed their qualifying oral examination for the PhD. Contact the department administrator for details on applying.

The Department of History is grateful to the Society of Colonial Wars for making this award available to our doctoral students.