Financial Assistance

All applicants accepted for the Ph.D. program will receive full funding for 5 years which includes tuition and University related fees. The department strives to support every student in good standing as fully as possible. Aid is restricted to students in the PhD program.

There is also a travel fellowship available for doctoral students already enrolled in the graduate program: For students who have passed their qualifying oral examination, the Engelbourg Fellowship provides travel funds to support research for a student’s dissertation. The Graduate School also offers Graduate Research Abroad Fellowships to fund students’ travel.

The General Society of Colonial Wars funds a fellowship, named the General Society of Colonial Wars John Adams Grant for Studies in American Colonial History, for doctoral students working in the period of American history between the founding of Jamestown and the Battle of Lexington. Information on applying for this award is available.

For more information about funding opportunities please click here. While this is not a comprehensive list of graduate funding opportunities, it is a good place to start, particularly for pre-dissertation and dissertation research funding. For current students looking for information about departmental funding, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Current graduate students click here to submit financial aid information for academic year 2017-2018.