Course Areas

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Course Area(s) Fulfills Premodern Requirement
CL 221: Greek History European X
CL 222: Roman History European X
HI 100: History Writing Seminar none
HI 101: The Dawn of Europe European X
HI 102: Emergence of Modern Europe European
HI 150: History Writing and Research Seminar none
HI 151: The Emerging United States to 1865 American
HI 152: The United States Since 1865 American
HI 175: World History I World/Regional X
HI 176: World History II World/Regional
HI 190: History of Boston: Community and Conflict American
HI 200: The Historian’s Craft none
HI 201: History of Medieval Europe European X
HI 202: Medieval Intellectual History European X
HI 203: Magic, Science, and Religion European X
HI 204: History of the Crusades European X
HI 205: Millenarian Expectations in Western Hist European
HI 206: Heresy & Persecution in 11th and 12th C. European X
HI 207: Honor-Shame European
HI 208: Renaissance Europe European X
HI 209: Reformation and Religious Conflict European X
HI 210: Europe between Renaissance & Revolution European X
HI 211: The Age of Discoveries European X
HI 212: Early Modern Europe, 1715-90 European X
HI 213: Sacred and Secular Power in Christianity and Islam European or World/Regional X
HI 214: History of Piracy World/Regional
HI 215: The European Enlightenment European
HI 216: Women and Gender in European History European
HI 217: History of Europe, 1815-1914 European
HI 218: History of Contemporary Europe European
HI 219: Jews in the Modern World European
HI 220: The Culture of World War I European
HI 221: Catastrophe and Cultural Memory American or European
HI 222: Science and Technology in World History European or World/Regional
HI 223: 19th-C. European Intellectual History European
HI 224: 20th-C. European Intellectual History European
HI 225: Communications Revolutions American or European
HI 226: Cities and Cultures European
HI 228: History of Modern Diplomacy: Institutions, Practices, and Principles, 1400-1919 European X
HI 229: Great Powers and Eastern Mediterranean European
HI 243: Britain and the European Question: The Confluence of History and Politics European
HI 244: England in the Middle Ages European X
HI 245: Tudor History European X
HI 246: London since 1666: Imperial Capitol to World City European
HI 247: Making of Modern Britain European
HI 248: Twentieth-Century Britain European
HI 249: London Women’s Social History from Aphra Behn to The Blitz European
HI 250: British Youth Culture from 1950 to the Present European
HI 251: Cultural Capitol: The History of Popular Culture in London European
HI 252: Class, Power and the Making of British Identity European
HI 253: London at War: From the Home Front to the Frontline European
HI 254: History of Ireland European
HI 255: History of Spain, 711-1898 European X
HI 257: Early Medieval Spain European X
HI 258: Reform and Reaction in Modern Spain European
HI 260: The Venetian Republic European X
HI 262: Modern Italian History European
HI 264: French Feudal Society, 496-1339 European X
HI 265: Early Modern France European X
HI 267: Nineteenth-Century France European
HI 266: French Revolution and Napoleon European
HI 270: Germany, 1914 to the Present European
HI 272: History of Russia, 1689-1917 European
HI 273: History of Soviet Union European
HI 274: Modern Russian and Soviet History European
HI 275: History of the Jews in Russia & E. Europ European
HI 278: Central Europe European
HI 280: Special Topics in American History American
HI 281: American Governance: Foreign Affairs, Politics, and Presidents in the Twentieth Century American
HI 283: 20th-Century American Presidency American
HI 284: History of War American or European
HI 285: The Navy and American History American
HI 286: American Military Experience American
HI 287: American Foreign Relations Since 1898 American
HI 288: American Foreign Policy Since 1945 American
HI 289: History of Int’l Relations, 1900-1945 American or European
HI 290: History of Int’l Relations Since 1945 American or European
HI 291: Politics of the American Environment American
HI 292: Economic History of the United States American
HI 293: History of Economic Ideas European or American
HI 294: American Evangelicalism American
HI 298: African American History American
HI 299: History of the Civil Rights Movement American
HI 300: Modern American Cultural History American
HI 301: A History of Women in the United States American
HI 302: Science and American Culture American
HI 304: Science and Christianity Since 1500 American or European
HI 305: American Thought and Culture, 1776-1900 American
HI 306: American Thought and Culture, 1900-Pres. American
HI 307: Education in American History American
HI 308: Religious Thought in America American
HI 309: Americans in the World American
HI 310: The Peopling of America American
HI 311: The South in History and Literature American
HI 321: American Revolution American
HI 322: Colonial Society American
HI 323: British History Since 1900 I European
HI 324: Britain: Island at War European
HI 325: History of Ireland European X
HI 326: Historical Roots of the British Genius European
HI 328: The Civil War Era American
HI 329: The Gilded Age, 1877-1914 American
HI 330: Modern Italian History European
HI 336: History of World Wars, 1914-1945 European or American
HI 337: 20th-Century United States, 1900-1945 American
HI 338: 20th-Century United States, 1945-1968 American
HI 339: United States Since 1968 American
HI 340: History of Modern Diplomacy: Institutions, Practices, and Principles, 1400-1919 European
HI 341: Political and Cultural Revolution European or World/Regional
HI 342: Imperialism and Independence [in approval process] World/Regional
HI 346: History of International Human Rights European or World/Regional
HI 347: Reconstructing the African Past World/Regional X
HI 348: Colonialism in Africa World/Regional
HI 349: Hist. of Religion in Pre-Colonial Africa World/Regional X
HI 350: Atlantic History, 1500-1825 American or World/Regional X
HI 351: Environmental History of Africa World/Regional
HI 352: Africa and the Caribbean World/Regional
HI 353: States and Commerce in Atlantic Africa World/Regional X
HI 354: History and Religion: North African Issues World/Regional
HI 356: The American Revolution, 1750-1800 American
HI 357: The Anglo-American Legal Tradition European or American X
HI 360: Blacks in Modern Europe World/Regional
HI 361: Black Radical Thought World/Regional
HI 363: Introduction to Early Chinese History World/Regional X
HI 364: Introduction to Modern Chinese History World/Regional
HI 365: Shanghai: Modern China World/Regional
HI 369: Introduction to Modern Japanese History World/Regional
HI 370: The Samurai in Myth and History World/Regional
HI 372: Asian American History American
HI 377: The Sword, the Cross, and the Crescent: Byzantium and the Near East European or World/Regional X
HI 378: Armenia from Antiquity to Middle Ages World/Regional X
HI 379: Modern Armenian History and Literature World/Regional
HI 381: History of Modern Iran, 1900-Present World/Regional
HI 382: Turko-Persia in the 20th Century World/Regional
HI 383: Modern History of the Caucasus World/Regional
HI 384: History of Genocide World/Regional and European
HI 385: History of Premodern Iran World/Regional X
Hi 388: Foundations of Jewish Politics European or World/Regional X
HI 387: Introduction to the Middle East World/Regional X
HI 389: Americans and the Middle East World/Regional
HI 392: The History of Israel: An Introduction World/Regional
HI 393: Topics in the History of Israel World/Regional
HI 394: U.S. – Mexican Borders World/Regional or American
HI 395: Experiencing Cuba: History, Culture, and Politics World/Regional
HI 396: Introduction to Latin American History World/Regional
HI 397: Modern Latin America World/Regional
HI 398: Protest, Revolution, and Human Rights in Latin America World/Regional
HI 401: Senior Honors Seminar 1 None
HI 402: Senior Honors Seminar 2 None
HI 406: Monks, Friars, and Saints European X
HI 407: Topics in Medieval Religious Culture European X
HI 409: Medieval Science and Technology European X
HI 412: Medieval & Early Modern Popular Culture European X
HI 413: Gender in Medieval Christian Mysticism European
HI 414: Early Modern Society European X
HI 417: England from Reformation to Revolution European X
HI 423: Hist. of European Union, 1945-Present European
HI 424: European Socialism, 1789-1989 European
HI 425: Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe European X
HI 426: Music and Ideas from Mozart to Jazz Age European
HI 428: Postwar European Culture European
HI 429: British History Since 1900 II European
HI 430: Comparative European Fascism European
HI 432: Research Seminar and Tutorial in English History European
HI 433: History of Ireland Since 1916 European
HI 434: Monarchy in Modern Britain European
HI 435: Histories of Human Rights European
HI 436: The Great War and the Fragile Peace American or European
HI 440: Refugee Intellectuals (1933-1950) American or European
HI 443: Jews in Modern German History European
HI 446: The Russian Revolution European
HI 448: Science and Modern Culture European
HI 453: Three Revolutions American or European
HI 454: War and American Society, 1607-1973 American
HI 455: Early American History and Culture American
HI 456: Religion and American Culture American
HI 461: The Civil War in American Memory American
HI 462: History of the American South American
HI 464: America and the Interwar Period American
HI 465: The United States and the Cold War American
HI 467: Postwar America, 1945-1969 American
HI 468: American Society Since 1970 American
HI 472: Wars of 20th and 21st Centuries American
HI 475: American Consumer History American
HI 476: Technology in American Society American
HI 479: Impact of Darwin European or American
HI 481: Looking East, Looking West: Japan & West World/Regional
HI 482: Maritime Asia, 600-2000 World/Regional
HI 484: Revolutionary Change in Middle East World/Regional
HI 485: Problems in Modern Middle East World/Regional
HI 486: Islamic History World/Regional
HI 487: Late Imperial and Modern China World/Regional
HI 488: Interwar Japan and the Pacific War World/Regional
HI 489: African Diaspora in the Americas American or World/Regional
HI 490: Blacks and Asians World/Regional
Hi 491: Directed Study None
HI 492: Directed Study None
HI 493: History of Science American
HI 494: Histories for the New South Africa World/Regional
HI 496: Ideology and Conflict in World History World/Regional
Hi 497: Oxford Tutorial in History None
HI 502: Development of Historical Thinking II American
HI 503: Psychohistory European
HI 514: Enlightenment and Its Critics European
HI 533: Empire and Power: British Foreign Policy, 1782-Present European
HI 537: World War II American or European
HI 538: France, Europe, and the World European
HI 545: Issues in Modern Terrorism European
HI 549: Nationalism in 19th and 20th Centuries European
HI 550: Jews in Modern Culture European
HI 552: Topics in Jewish History European
HI 555: Black Community and Social Change American
HI 560: The American Transcendentalists American
HI 566: Ideas and American Foreign Policy American
HI 568: Modern Metropolis American
HI 570: American Social Thought American
HI 579: Race and the South: History & Literature American
HI 580: The History of Racial Thought World/Regional
HI 582: Social Movements 20th-C. Latin America World/Regional
HI 583: Black Radical Thought World/Regional
HI 584: Comparative Slavery American or World/Regional X
HI 586: African Americans Abroad American or European
HI 587: U.S.-Mexican Borders American or World/Regional
HI 588: Women, Power, and Culture in Africa World/Regional X
HI 589: Histories of Environment and Society World/Regional
HI 590: The World and the West American or European or World/Regional
HI 591: Making of Modern Middle East World/Regional
HI 592: The Birth of a State: Israel 1945-1955 World/Regional
HI 593: Roles & Images of Young People in Israel World/Regional
HI 594: The Armenian Genocide World/Regional
HI 595: History of Morocco World/Regional
HI 596: Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History World/Regional X
HI 597: Diasporas and Identity World/Regional and European
HI 606: Heresy & Persecution in 11th and 12th C. European
HI 608: Renaissance Europe European
HI 609: Reformation and Relilgious Conflict European
HI 620: Early American History and Culture American
HI 625: Communications Revolutions from Language to Cyberspace American or European
HI 647: Making of Modern Britain European
HI 648: Twentieth-Century Britain European
HI 649: The Making of Modern Britain European
HI 650: Twentieth Century Britain European
HI 657: Early Medieval Spain European
HI 664: French Feudal Society, 496-1339 European
HI 666: French Revolution and Napoleon European
HI 670: Germany, 1914 to the Present European
HI 672: History of Russia, 1689-1917 European
HI 673: History of Soviet Union European
HI 674: Modern Russian and Soviet History European
HI 689: History of Int’l Relations 1900-45 European or American
HI 690: History of Int’l Relations since 1945 European or American
HI 696: Science and Christianity Since 1500 American or European
HI 698: African American History American