BU History PhD Anne Blaschke Delivers Lecture at Bard College at Simon’s Rock

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December 9th, 2019

On November 6, 2019, BU History PhD Anne Blaschke (GRS ’12) gave a talk at Bard College at Simon’s Rock on “Title IX, Women’s Team Sport, and Advocacy.” The talk traced the impact of post-1960 sex equality law on U.S. athletes, corporations, and politicians. Using as lenses the team sports of soccer, football, and basketball, the talk examined how gender, race, and class affect the ways in which Americans have long connected with sport via both politics and policy. Denied equal treatment at work–as well as mainstream media coverage and comparable sponsorship money–female athletes have founded upstart entrepreneurships challenging long-held understandings of gender and used historic sex equality laws to bring suit against their employers. Blaschke is currently an Associate Lecturer in American Studies at UMass Boston and a Lecturer in the BU Writing Program.