Graduating History Department Seniors Zanella and Gillies receive CAS Writing Awards

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May 2nd, 2013

The History Department is proud to announce that two of our graduating seniors were awarded a whopping two out of four total CAS writing awards.  Alexaundra Zanella received the Michael A. Sassano III and Christopher M. Sassano Award for Writing Excellence in the Social Sciences, and Conor Gillies received the Award for Writing Excellence in the Humanities in Honor of Robert E. Charm.

Both Alex and Conor received these awards for their senior theses.  Alex’s was entitled “An Impolitic Marriage: American Identity and British Press Politics During the Abdication Crisis, 1936″; and Conor’s was “Ambient New York: How Erik Satie, John Cage, and Audio Technology in the 1960s Shaped Listening in America.”

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