History announces new departmental Honors Program for 2012-13

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October 5th, 2011

Beginning in Fall 2012, the History Department will launch a new departmental Honors Program. Senior history majors possessing the requisite grade point level (a minimum of 3.0 in all courses, 3.5 in all history courses) will be able to enroll in History 401/402, a two-semester seminar that will guide students through the research and writing of an honors thesis. The ultimate goal will be the production of a 50-60 page honors thesis on a subject of the student’s choice, grounded in primary research. History 401 will be taught by a faculty member, who will teach the class and offer individual conferences. Students enrolled in History 401 will work with this faculty member and with a faculty advisor. The new Honors Program promises to offer dedicated students the opportunity to work closely with faculty, participate in a stimulating and supportive intellectual community, and engage in deep and sustained research on a historical topic. As such, it promises to be a rewarding capstone experience. Students who fulfill all of the requirements for History 401, and receive a grade of B+ or higher on the thesis, will graduate with Honors in History.