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Call for Submissions
The editors of Historically Speaking welcome submissions (individual essays and multi-authored forums and exchanges) on all aspects of history, historiography, and current affairs viewed in historical perspective. Interested authors should contact the editors directly with questions, proposals, and submissions. Please review Instructions for Historically Speaking Authors.

The editors are especially interested in soliciting essays on the following topics:

Grand Narratives: for several decades the notion of grand narratives has been under sustained assault. Where do we stand now? Have they really collapsed? If so, are we healthier without them? What, if anything, has replaced them?

Assessing Current Historical Frameworks: individual essays and multi-authored forums assessing historical models and frameworks like Late Antiquity, the Atlantic World, and Imagined Communities.

State of the Field Essays: historiographical essays by specialists suggesting the current state of historical inquiry in various subfields.

Classic Historical Works Reconsidered: reflective essays reconsidering key texts like Miller’s The New England Mind; Butterfield’s Whig Interpretation of History; Huizinga’s Waning of the Middle Ages; Robbins’s Eighteenth-Century Commonwealthman; Curtin’s Atlantic Slave Trade; Braudel’s The Mediterranean and Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II; Thompson’s Making of the English Working Class; Wrigley's Population and History).

History Books that Never Received Their Due: essays on insightful books that have been largely overlooked by the profession (e.g., Hartz's The Founding of New Societies).

The Oeuvre of Important Historians: essays assessing the body of work important historians and scholars who have had great impact on historical inquiry (e.g., Janet Abu-Lughod, Peter Brown, I Bernard Cohen, Natalie Zemon Davis, Robert Fogel, John Hope Franklin, Peter Gay, Oscar Handlin, John Higham, Sir Michael Howard, Margaret Jacob, Patricia Nelson Limerick, James McPherson, Lewis Namier, Orlando Patterson, Jonathan Spence, Charles Tilly, Eric Williams, William Appleman Williams, Gordon Wood).

Issues in Historical Theory: essays examining various issues in historical theory including memory, representation, Western and non-Western approaches to the past, narration, etc.

Contact either:
Donald Yerxa or Joseph Lucas, Editors
Historically Speaking 
656 Beacon Street, Mezzanine 
Boston, MA  02215
Joseph S. Lucas and Donald A. Yerxa, Senior Editors 
Randall J. Stephens, Editor
Scott Hovey, Associate Editor

Contributing Editors: Joseph Amato, Eric Arnesen, Lauren Benton, Jeremy Black, George Huppert, Pauline Maier, George Marsden, Bruce Mazlish, Wilfred McClay, Allan Megill, Joseph Miller, Dennis Showalter, Barry Strauss, Carol Thomas, Derek Wilson, John Wilson, John Womack, Bertram Wyatt-Brown

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