Urinary System
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    158. kidney, medulla (H&E)
    159. neonatal kidney (H&E)
    160. kidney (H&E)
    161. kidney (PAS)
    158. kidney, medulla, vasculature (H&E)
    159. neonatal kidney, vasculature (H&E)
    160. kidney, vasculature (H&E)
    161. kidney, vasculature (PAS)
    163. ureter (Lee's stain)
    165. urinary bladder, relaxed (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
    166. urinary bladder, distended (Lee's stain)
    EM24. podocytes and glomerular capillaries

Know the structure, function, and location of:

    afferent and efferent arteriole 
    arcuate artery and vein 
    Bowman's capsule, parietal epithelium 
    Bowman's capsule, visceral epithelium 
    capsule of kidney 
    collecting tubule and duct 
    cortex of kidney 
    distal tubule 
    filtration slit and diaphragm
    hilum of kidney 
    interlobar artery and vein 
    juxtaglomerular apparatus 
    juxtaglomerular cell 
    lacis (extraglomerular mesangial) cell 
    loop of Henle 
    macula densa 
    medulla of kidney, internal and external zones 
    medullary ray 
    mesangial cell 
    minor and major calyx 
    papillary duct (of Bellini) 
    peritubular capillary plexus 
    primary process 
    secondary process (pedicel) 
    proximal tubule 
    proximal tubule cell 
    apical canaliculus(-i) 
    renal column 
    renal corpuscle 
    renal interstitium 
    renal pelvis 
    renal pyramid 
    renin-containing granules 
    stellate vein 
    thick ascending limb of Henle's loop 
    thick descending limb of Henle's loop 
    thin limb of Henle's loop 
    urinary (Bowman's) space 
    urinary bladder, distended  
    urinary bladder, relaxed 
    vasa recta 

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