Male Reproductive System
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    169. epididymis, efferent ducts (H&E)
    169. epididymis, Leydig cells (H&E)
    170. testis and epididymis (H&E)
    171. testis, Leydig cells (H&E)
    171. testis, tubuli recti, and rete testis (H&E)
    171. testis, epididymis (H&E)
    173. spermatic cord (Lee's stain)
    174. prostate, prostatic concretions (H&E)
    175. prostate, seminal vesicle (H&E)
    176. prostate, seminal vesicle (Lee's stain)
    177. penis (H&E)
    178. testis, seminiferous tubules (H&E)

Know the structure, function, and location of:

    corpora cavernosa penis 
    corpus cavernosum urethrae 
    ductuli efferentes 
    ductus (vas) deferens 
    ductus epididymis 
    erectile tissue 
    helicine arteries 
    Leydig (interstitial) cell 
    mediastinum testis 
    pampiniform plexus of veins 
    penile urethra 
    prostate gland 
    prostatic concretions 
    rete testis 
    seminal vesicle 
    seminiferous tubule 
    septa of testis 
    septum penis 
    Sertoli cell 
    spermatic cord 
    spermatid, early 
    spermatid, late 
    tubuli recti 
    tunica albuginea of penis 
    tunica albuginea of testis 
    urethral gland of Littré 

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