Lymphoid Tissues and Organs
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    33. diffuse lymphoid tissue (eosin & toluidine blue)
    66. tonsil (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
    70. reticular fibers, lymph node (silver stain)
    71. lymph node (H&E)
    74. thymus (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
    75. involuted thymus (H&E)
    76. spleen (Lee's stain)
    77. spleen (H&E)
    78. splenic reticulum (silver stain)
    120. ileum, Peyer's patches (H&E)
    124. appendix (H&E)

Know the structure, function, and location of:

    afferent lymphatic vessel 
    BALT and GALT (Bronchus-, Gut- Associated Lymphoid Tissue) 
    capsule of lymph node 
    central artery 
    cortex and medulla of lymph node 
    cortex and medulla of thymus 
    cortical lymphatic nodules 
    crypt of tonsil 
    efferent lymphatic vessel 
    epithelioreticular cells 
    germinal center and corona 
    Hassall's corpuscles 
    high endothelial venule 
    hilus (hilum) 
    intraepithelial lymphocytes 
    intralobular septa 
    involuted thymus 
    lobes and lobules 
    lymph node 
    lymphatic nodules (follicles) 
    macrophages of thymus 
    MALT (Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue) 
    marginal zone 
    medullary cord 
    medullary sinus 
    penicillar arteriole 
    periarterial lymphatic sheath (PALS) 
    peritrabecular sinus 
    Peyer's Patches 
    radial arterioles 
    red pulp 
    reticular fiber stroma of lymph node 
    reticular fiber stroma of spleen 
    reticulated epithelium 
    splenic capsule 
    splenic cord (of Billroth) 
    splenic nodule 
    splenic sinus 
    splenic trabecula 
    subcapsular sinus 
    thymocytes (immature T-lymphocytes) 
    tonsil, palatine 
    trabecular artery 
    trabecular vein 
    white pulp 

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