Epithelial Tissue, Surface Specializations, and Glands
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    52. endothelium, neurovascular bundle (H&E)
    84. stratified squamous, keratinized epithelium, plantar skin (H&E)
    101. multicellular: pure serous gland, parotid gland (H&E)
    102. mixed serous/mucous gland, submandibular gland (H&E)
    102. mixed serous/mucous gland: basal striations, submandibular gland (H&E)
    117. simple columnar epithelium, small intestine (eosin & toluidine blue)
    117. simple columnar epithelium, terminal bars, small intestine (eosin & toluidine blue)
    122. microvilli & glycocalyx, small intestine (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
    131. pseudostratified epithelium: unicellular glands, extrapulmonary bronchus (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
    131. pseudostratified epithelium: cilia, extrapulmonary bronchus (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
    155. simple columnar epithelium, liver and gall bladder (Lee's stain)
    160. simple squamous epithelium, kidney (H&E)
    161. basement membrane, kidney (PAS)
    165. transitional epithelium, contracted, urinary bladder (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
    166. mesothelium, urinary bladder (Lee's stain)
    166. transitional epithelium, distended, urinary bladder (Lee's stain)
    169. pseudostratified, stereocilia, epididymis (H&E)
    171. simple cuboidal epithelium, rete testis (H&E)
    196. stratified squamous, non/keratinized epithelium, vagina (H&E)
    EM4. simple columnar epithelium
    EM5. microvillous border
    EM6. microvillous border and Junctional Complex
    EM7. tight junctions (freeze fracture)
    EM18. ciliated epithelium
    EM19. microvilli and basal enfoldings
    EM20. microvilli and cilia (SEM)
    EM22. chief cells and enteroendocrine cell

Know the structure, function, and location of:

    basal striations 
    basement membrane 
    mixed seromucous gland 
    mucous acinus 
    multicellular gland 
    pseudostratified epithelium 
    pure serous gland 
    serous acinus 
    serous demilune 
    simple columnar epithelium 
    simple cuboidal epithelium 
    simple squamous epithelium 
    stratified squamous keratinized epithelium 
    stratified squamous nonkeratinized epithelium 
    striated (or brush) border 
    terminal bar apparatus 
    terminal web 
    transitional epithelium (contracted=relaxed) 
    transitional epithelium (stretched=distended) 
    unicellular gland 

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