Digestive System: Alimentary Canal
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    108. esophagus (H&E)
    109. mid/esophagus (Lee's stain)
    111. esophageal/stomach junction I (H&E)
    111. esophageal/stomach junction II (H&E)
    112. colon (H&E)
    113. fundic stomach (H&E)
    114. pyloric stomach I (H&E)
    118. pyloric stomach II (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
    115. pyloro/duodenal junction I (H&E)
    115. pyloro/duodenal junction II (H&E)
    116. duodenum, cells (H&E)
    116. duodenum, glands, and plica (H&E)
    117. jejunum I (eosin & toluidine blue)
    120. ileum I, villi (H&E)
    120. ileum I, Peyer's patches (H&E)
    122. jejunum II (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
    123. ileum II, Peyer's patches (H&E)
    124. appendix (H&E)
    125. colon (H&E)
    128. colon, anal canal (H&E)

Know the structure, function, and location of:

    anal canal 
    anal column 
    Auerbach's myenteric plexus 
    Brunner's glands 
    cardiac gland 
    central lacteal 
    chief cell 
    enterocyte (absorptive cell) 
    enteroendocrine (APUD) cell 
    esophagus, upper and lower 
    external anal sphincter 
    GALT (Gut-Associated Lymphatic Tissue) 
    gastric (fundic) gland 
    gastric pit 
    goblet cell 
    mucinogen droplets 
    internal anal sphincter 
    intestinal crypt (of Leiberkühn) 
    intestinal villus 
    large intestine 
    Meissner's submucosal plexus 
    microvillous border (striated border of light microscopy) 
    mucous neck cell 
    Paneth cell 
    parietal cell 
    pectinate line 
    Peyer's patches 
    plicae circulares 
    pyloric gland 
    pyloric sphincter 
    stomach, cardiac 
    stomach, gastric (fundic) 
    stomach, pyloric 
    striated border 
    submucosal esophageal glands 
    surface mucous cells 
    taenia coli 

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