Connective Tissue
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    7. spread areolar connective tissue (azure II)
    8. elastic fibers, areolar tissue (Verhoeff's stain/H&E)
    9. unilocular (white) adipocytes, fat cells (sudan IV)
    13. dense regular connective tissue, longitudinal, tendon (H&E)
    14. dense regular connective tissue, transverse, tendon (H&E)
    33. lamina propria: loose connective tissue, trachea, cells (eosin & toluidine blue)
    33. lamina propria: loose connective tissue, trachea, tissue (eosin & toluidine blue)
    49. multilocular (brown) adipocytes, adipose tissue (H&E)
    70. reticular fibers, lymph node (silver stain)
    82. unilocular (white) adipocytes, abdominal skin (H&E)
    83. elastic fibers, thin skin (Verhoeff's stain)
    89. dense/loose irregular connective tissue, mammary gland (H&E)
    EM8. fibroblast
    EM9. macrophage and eosinophil
    EM10. plasma cell
    EM26. mast cell

Know the structure, function, and location of:

    adipose tissue, mixed 
    adipose tissue, white  
    areolar (loose) connective tissue 
    collagen fiber 
    collagen fibril
    connective tissue, dense irregular  
    connective tissue, dense regular 
    connective tissue, loose (areolar) 
    dense irregular connective tissue 
    dense regular connective tissue 
    elastic fibers 
    extracellular matrix (ECM)
    loose (areolar) connective tissue 
    mast cell 
    multilocular fat cell (brown adipocyte) 
    plasma cell 
    reticular fibers 
    reticular tissue 
    unilocular fat cell (white adipocyte) 

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