Circulatory System
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    7. arterioles and capillaries, mesentery (azure II)
    9. arterioles and capillaries, mesentery (sudan IV) (links listed below image)
    51. muscular arteries and medium veins, femoral (H&E)
    52. muscular arteries and medium veins, radial (H&E)
    53. muscular arteries and medium veins (Mallory's trichrome stain)
    54. elastic artery, carotid (Lee's stain)
    55. elastic arteries (Verhoeff's stain)
    55. muscular arteries (Verhoeff's stain)
    56. large vein (Verhoeff's stain)
    57. large vein (H&E)
    58. aorta (H&E)
    58. aorta (Verhoeff's stain)
    63. heart (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
    120. ileum (H&E) (links listed below image)
    EM11. terminal arteriole
    EM14. arteriole and peripheral nerve
    EM21. hepatocytes and sinusoids
    EM24. podocytes and glomerular capillaries
    EM30. continuous capillaries

Know the structure, function, and location of:

    atrium of heart 
    continuous (somatic) capillary 
    coronary blood vessels 
    elastic artery 
    endothelial cell, endothelium 
    interendothelial junction 
    external elastic lamina (membrane) 
    fenestrated (visceral) capillary 
    internal elastic lamina (membrane) 
    lamellar units 
    large vein 
    lymphatic capillary 
    medium and small veins 
    muscular artery 
    nervi vascularis 
    sinusoid (discontinuous capillary) 
    tunica adventitia 
    tunica intima 
    tunica media 
    vasa vasorum 
    vein valve 
    ventricle of heart 
    visceral pericardium 

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