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Primary images and slide numbers are grouped by laboratory topic.

Peripheral Blood Cells

17. lymphocytes (Wright's stain)
17. monocyte (Wright's stain)
17. neutrophils (Wright's stain)
17. PMN, PME, PMB (Wright's stain)

Tissues, Layers, and Organs

1. transverse section of rat gut (H&E)

Epithelial Tissue, Surface Specializations, and Glands

52. endothelium, neurovascular bundle (H&E)
84. stratified squamous, keratinized epithelium, plantar skin (H&E)
101. multicellular: pure serous gland, parotid gland (H&E)
102. mixed serous/mucous gland, submandibular gland (H&E)
102. mixed serous/mucous gland: basal striations, submandibular gland (H&E)
117. simple columnar epithelium, small intestine (eosin & toluidine blue)
117. simple columnar epithelium, terminal bars, small intestine (eosin & toluidine blue)
122. microvilli & glycocalyx, small intestine (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
131. pseudostratified epithelium: unicellular glands, extrapulmonary bronchus (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
131. pseudostratified epithelium: cilia, extrapulmonary bronchus (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
155. simple columnar epithelium, liver and gall bladder (Lee's stain)
160. simple squamous epithelium, kidney (H&E)
161. basement membrane, kidney (PAS)
165. transitional epithelium, contracted, urinary bladder (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
166. mesothelium, urinary bladder (Lee's stain)
166. distended transitional epithelium, urinary bladder (Lee's stain)
169. pseudostratified, stereocilia, epididymis (H&E)
171. simple cuboidal epithelium, rete testis (H&E)
196. stratified squamous, non/keratinized epithelium, vagina (H&E)

Connective Tissue

7. spread areolar connective tissue (azure II)
8. elastic fibers, areolar tissue (Verhoeff's stain/H&E)
9. unilocular (white) adipocytes, fat cells (sudan IV)
13. dense regular connective tissue, longitudinal, tendon (H&E)
14. dense regular connective tissue, transverse, tendon (H&E)
33. lamina propria: loose connective tissue, trachea, cells (eosin & toluidine blue)
33. lamina propria: loose connective tissue, trachea, tissue (eosin & toluidine blue)
49. multilocular (brown) adipocytes, adipose tissue (H&E)
70. reticular fibers, lymph node (silver stain)
82. unilocular (white) adipocytes, abdominal skin (H&E)
83. elastic fibers, thin skin (Verhoeff's stain)
89. dense/loose irregular connective tissue, mammary gland (H&E)

Cartilage and Bone and Bone Histogenesis

20. cells of bone (H&E)
22. fetal head - hyaline cartilage (H&E)
22. fetal head - intramembranous bone formation (H&E)
22. fetal head - bone modeling (H&E)
23. developing long bone, primary center (H&E)
24. endochondral ossification, secondary center and epiphyseal plate: bone modeling (H&E)
26. bone modeling (H&E)
26. bone remodeling (H&E)
27. compact bone I (H&E)
27. compact bone II (H&E)
26. trabecular, woven & lamellar bone (H&E)
27. compact, woven & lamellar bone (H&E)
28. mineralized bone (HgCl)
29. elastic cartilage, elastic fibers (Verhoeff's stain)
31. articular cartilage (H&E)
32. fibrocartilage (H&E)
33. hyaline cartilage (eosin & toluidine blue)

Bone Marrow and Hemopoiesis

18. bone marrow smear (Wright's stain)
20. red marrow, section (H&E)
32. bone marrow (H&E)

Nervous Tissue and Neuromuscular Junction

41. spinal cord (luxol fast blue & cresyl violet)
43. peripheral nerve, longitudinal (H&E)
44. dorsal root ganglion (Lee's stain)
45. unmyelinated nerve (H&E)
46. parasympathetic ganglion (Lee's stain)
47. peripheral nerve (osmium & toluidine blue)
52. peripheral nerve, transverse (H&E)
117. parasympathetic plexuses (eosin & toluidine blue)

Muscle Tissue

33. skeletal muscle, banding patterns (eosin & toluidine blue)
36. skeletal muscle, skeletal muscle fibers, transverse (H&E)
36. skeletal muscle, connective tissue investments (H&E)
37. skeletal muscle types (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
38. myocardium, cardiac conducting cells (H&E)
38. Purkinje cells (PTAH)
53. smooth muscle (Mallory's trichrome stain)
63. cardiac muscle (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
88. scalp, smooth muscle, other arrangements (Lee's stain)
109. skeletal and smooth muscle fibers (Lee's stain)
116. smooth muscle, muscularis externa (H&E)
165. smooth muscle, other arrangements (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)


81. pigmented skin (H&E)
82. reticular dermis, papillary dermis (H&E)
83. dermis, hypodermis, epidermis (Verhoeff's stain)
84. thick skin I (H&E)
84. thick skin II (hematoxylin)
86. scalp, transverse (H&E)
88. scalp (Lee's stain)

Circulatory System

7. arterioles and capillaries, mesentery (azure II)
9. arterioles and capillaries, mesentery (sudan IV)
51. muscular arteries and medium veins, femoral (H&E)
52. muscular arteries and medium veins, radial (H&E)
53. muscular arteries and medium veins (Mallory's trichrome stain)
54. elastic artery, carotid (Lee's stain)
55. elastic arteries (Verhoeff's stain)
55. muscular arteries (Verhoeff's stain)
56. large vein (Verhoeff's stain)
57. large vein (H&E)
58. aorta (H&E)
58. aorta (Verhoeff's stain)
63. heart (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
120. ileum (H&E)

Lymphoid Tissues and Organs

33. diffuse lymphoid tissue (eosin & toluidine blue)
66. tonsil (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
70. reticular fibers, lymph node (silver stain)
71. lymph node (H&E)
74. thymus (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
75. involuted thymus (H&E)
76. spleen (Lee's stain)
77. spleen (H&E)
78. splenic reticulum (silver stain)
120. ileum, Peyer's patches (H&E)
124. appendix (H&E)

Urinary System

158. kidney, medulla (H&E)
159. neonatal kidney (H&E)
160. kidney (H&E)
161. kidney (PAS)
158. kidney, medulla, vasculature (H&E)
159. neonatal kidney, vasculature (H&E)
160. kidney, vasculature (H&E)
161. kidney, vasculature (PAS)
163. ureter (Lee's stain)
165. urinary bladder, relaxed (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
166. urinary bladder, distended (Lee's stain)

Digestive System: Oral Cavity and Teeth

22. fetal rat (early) (developing tooth) (H&E)
22. fetal rat (mid) (developing tooth) (H&E)
48. fetal rat (late) (developing tooth) (H&E)
94. tongue, filiform, and fungiform papillae (H&E)
95. tongue, circumvalate papillae, and von Ebner's glands (H&E)
96. lip, oral mucosa (H&E)
97. tongue, plastic (hematoxylin/toluidine blue-phloxinate)
98. lingual tonsil (H&E)
100. gingiva (H&E)
100. mature tooth (H&E)
101. parotid gland (H&E)
102. submandibular gland (H&E)

Digestive System: Alimentary Canal

108. esophagus (H&E)
109. mid/esophagus (Lee's stain)
111. esophageal/stomach junction I (H&E)
111. esophageal/stomach junction II (H&E)
112. colon (H&E)
113. fundic stomach (H&E)
114. pyloric stomach (H&E)
118. pyloric stomach II (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
115. pyloro/duodenal junction I (H&E)
115. pyloro/duodenal junction II (H&E)
116. duodenum, cells (H&E)
116. duodenum, glands, and plica (H&E)
117. jejunum I (eosin & toluidine blue)
120. ileum I, villi (H&E)
120. ileum I, Peyer's patches (H&E)
122. jejunum II (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
123. ileum II, Peyer's patches (H&E)
124. appendix (H&E)
125. colon (H&E)
128. colon, anal canal (H&E)

Liver, Gall Bladder, and Pancreas

104. pancreas (eosin & toluidine blue)
152. liver (H&E)
154. liver (silver stain)
155. liver (Lee's stain)
156. gall bladder (H&E)

Endocrine System

104. pancreas (eosin & toluidine blue)
116. duodenum, enteroendocrine cells (H&E)
122. jejunum, enteroendocrine cells (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
140. pituitary gland (hypophysis) (H&E)
141. pituitary gland (hypophysis) (PAS)
142. pituitary gland (hypophysis) (azocarmine)
143. thyroid gland (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
145. adrenal gland (suprarenal gland) (H&E)
150. parathyroid gland (H&E)
144. pineal gland (body) (Lee's stain)

Respiratory System

130. trachea (H&E)
131. extrapulmonary bronchus (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)
136. lung (sheep), intrapulmonary bronchus (H&E)
138. lung (mouse) (PAS/Pb hematoxylin/resorcin-fuchsin)
139. lung (human), intrapulmonary bronchus (PAS/Pb hematoxylin)

Male Reproductive System

169. epididymis, efferent ducts (H&E)
169. epididymis, Leydig cells (H&E)
170. testis and epididymis (H&E)
171. testis, Leydig cells (H&E)
171. testis, tubuli recti, and rete testis (H&E)
171. testis, epididymis (H&E)
173. spermatic cord (Lee's stain)
174. prostate, prostatic concretions (H&E)
175. prostate, seminal vesicle (H&E)
176. prostate, seminal vesicle (Lee's stain)
177. penis (H&E)
178. testis, seminiferous tubules (H&E)

Female Reproductive System

90. mammary gland, pregnancy (H&E)
90. mammary gland, lactating I (H&E)
90. mammary gland, lactating II (H&E)
90. mammary gland, lobes (H&E)
91. nipple, female (H&E)
91. nipple, female, lactiferous ducts (H&E)
92. nipple, male (H&E)
148. ovary I (H&E)
148. ovary II (H&E)
149. oviduct: infundibulum (H&E)
179. ovary, atretic follicles (H&E)
181. ovary, corpus albicans (H&E)
182. ovary, corpus luteum I (H&E)
182. ovary, corpus luteum II (H&E)
182. ovary, corpus luteum III (H&E)
184. ovary (H&E)
185. oviduct: infundibulum and fimbria (H&E)
186. oviduct: ampulla (H&E)
187. isthmus, distal (H&E)
187. isthmus, proximal (H&E)
189. uterus, proliferative (H&E)
191. uterus, secretory (H&E)
192. uterus, menstrual (H&E)
194. cervix, transverse (H&E)
194. cervix, longitudinal (azan)
196. vagina (H&E)
199. placenta (H&E)


79. fovea (H&E)
80. eye (H&E)

Ultrastructure of the Cell

EM1. nuclear morphologies
EM2. nucleus and cytoplasm
EM3. cytoplasmic organelles
EM4. simple columnar epithelium
EM5. microvillous border
EM6. microvillous border and Junctional Complex
EM7. tight junctions (freeze fracture)
EM8. fibroblast
EM9. macrophage and eosinophil
EM10. plasma cell
EM11. terminal arteriole
EM12. myelinated and unmyelinated axons
EM13. myelinated axon and Schwann cell
EM14. arteriole and peripheral nerve
EM15. neuromuscular junction
EM16. sarcoplasm of skeletal muscle
EM17. smooth muscle
EM18. ciliated epithelium
EM19. microvilli and basal enfoldings
EM20. microvilli and cilia (SEM)
EM21. hepatocytes and sinusoids
EM22. chief cells and enteroendocrine cell
EM24. podocytes and glomerular capillaries
EM25. cardiac muscle
EM26. mast cell
EM28. peripheral myelin
EM30. continuous capillaries

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