Taglit-Birthright Israel

So you wanna travel to Israel this Winter with BU for FREE? You’re in the right place! Just follow these three simple steps and you’ll be on your way to swimming in the Dead Sea and eating falafel!

Steps to Register for BU’s Birthright Israel Winter 2014 Trip

  1. Go to www.israelonthehouse.com.
  2. Create a login and fill in your information.
  3. Select “Sachlav Israel on the House” as your trip provider and “Boston University Hillel (18-22) as your trip on the Taglit application.

…and that’s it!

Registration for BU’s Birthright Israel Winter 2014 trip opens on Tuesday, September 9th at 12:00pm and will close IMMEDIATELY when slots are full. It could be 1 week, 1 month, 1 hour… don’t wait: sign up today!

What Do I Need to Know?



  • You must be between 18-26 years old;
  • You must be Jewish–having at least one Jewish grandparent and not practicing other religions besides Judaism;
  • You must have never been on a peer-tour of Israel AFTER 8th grade (family trips are fine!)


  • The $250 deposit is required to complete your registration.
  • You will have about a month after registration ends to cancel your trip and get your deposit back—if you’re not sure or don’t know whether or not you can commit, register, get the deposit in, and cancel if you need to. The deposit is the only thing that can reserve your spot on this free trip!
  • If you go on the trip you will receive your deposit back when you have returned.


  • The trip is really free. Taglit-Birthright Israel covers at least two meals every day, hotels, flights, all transportation and programs.

Bonuses of coming with the Boston University trip:

  • You can stay connected when your friends from the trip—they will be down the street from you rather than across the country. Friends made on the National trips are friends for 10 days…friends made on the BU trip come back to Boston to be friends for life!
  • If your non-BU student friends or relatives would like to join you on the trip, have them register for the BU trip as well as a BU student! There will be other non-BU people on the trip, and they will benefit from the BU Leaders’ years of experience as well as our carefully selected itinerary.
  • You will get to meet and socialize with students on your trip several times BEFORE the trip leaves.
  • The BU staff will customize the itinerary based on our participant’s interests.

Our trip includes: 

  • A visit to Tsfat, the city of Jewish Mysticism
  • Shabbat in Jerusalem
  • A walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem
  • A night in Tel Aviv
  • Floating in the Dead Sea
  • Hiking Masada
  • A night in a Bedouin Camp in the Negev Desert
  • A Camel Ride!

…and so much more!!!

The CJP Campus Advantage
The Boston Jewish Federation, also known as CJP has funded a groundbreaking program to enrich the student Taglit-Birthright Israel experience. The mission is to enhance Taglit-Birthright Israel beyond the trip itself. CJP’s Taglit-Birthright Israel Campus Initiative provides resources and programming for Birthright alumni on Boston campuses. As an “Alum” of the trip, the entire Jewish world is open to you when you return.

This initiative provides funding, hosts events, and has staff members whose sole mission is to make sure that the excitement of your Israel experience does not end when you leave Israel. The professional on your campus will organize reunion events that are held only for the students on your trip. To learn more about the CJP’s campus initiative visit  the Israel Campus Roundtable.

Got Questions?

Confused? Scared? Totally stressed out? Not to worry! Nomi, Hillel’s Israel Programmer and Birthright Campus Representative, is here to help you!

Nomi MitchellIsrael Programmer and Birthright Campus Coordinator
(617) 353-7636