Student Groups

Boston University Hillel is proud to support the 5,000 Jewish students at BU by providing numerous and varied opportunities for students to explore the cultural, religious, and social aspects of Judaism. As the largest student organizations on campus, we offer a vast array of programming, including free Shabbat Dinners, social justice, Israel advocacy, speakers, and multiple travel opportunities each year. Jewish life on campus is student-led and supported by a diverse professional team.


Additionally, Hillel serves as an umbrella organization for over 20 Jewish organizations, initiatives, and internships. From our A Cappella group to our dance group, there really is something for everyone. And if there’s something you’d like to see that we don’t already offer, we can help you create it!

Hillel is regarded by both Jewish and non-Jewish students as a dynamic and connected organization and we take pride in the relationships we have formed with other student organizations at BU. Many of our large scale annual programs are highly anticipated by the entire campus. We look forward to welcoming you to our community and can’t wait to see how our community can benefit from your participation.

The List

Click the links to discover each group’s facebook page or, if they have one, their website.

Leadership Groups

Hillel Student Board
Freshman Council
Hillel Student Ambassadors

Israel Groups

Boston University Students for Israel (BUSI)
J Street

Social/Cultural/Professional Groups

Kol Echad A Cappella Group
Kalaniot Israeli Dance Troupe
Jewish Medical Network
Challah for Hunger
The Greek Jewish Council (GJC)

Graduate Student Groups

Jewish Law Student Association
Maimonides Society (Medical)

Religious Groups

Boston University Reform Community (BARKK)
Conservative Community
Orthodox Minyan Group (OMG)


Meet Challah For Hunger

In its third year, our ‘Challah for Hunger’ has transformed from a neglected student group into a thriving community that demands the attention it needs to grow — and it’s all thanks to current president Jordan Rozenfeld.

Start Your Own Group

Have an interest that isn’t represented here? You can start your own group at BU Hillel! Any student interested in creating a group at Boston University Hillel MUST complete a Group Registration Request.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ethan SobelDirector of Student Activities
(617) 353-7662