First Year Students of Hillel

The main purpose of FYSH (the First Year Students of Hillel) – is to help introduce the new freshman class at Boston University to the Hillel community. We strive to give incoming students a better understanding of what Jewish culture consists of and assist them in their transition from their previous Jewish communities to the one offered here at BU. Our goal is to bridge the gap between freshman and upperclassmen here at Hillel by fostering new relationships that will make adjusting to the Hillel community and college life much easier. It is our challenge to recruit first year students to join in Jewish life through innovative programming, while constructively providing centralized educational and social resources.

Wanna Get Involved?

Wanna get involved, or have other questions? Here are some awesome people you should contact:

Louis Fuller
Director of Outreach – Hillel Student Board

Hannah Weisman
Director of Outreach – Hillel Student Board