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Exhibit Dates: January 30 – March 30, 2014
Reception and Performance Date: March 19, 2014 from  6-8pm

The Rubin-Frankel Gallery is thrilled to host its 9th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition: The Sound of Art. Comprised of student artworks from all over the Boston area, the exhibit investigates the relationship between visual and audible form. The works range in media, from sculpture to video, but engage with music in terms of content and composition.

In addition, the show is a collaboration with the Boston University School of Music. Under the direction of Casey Soward, a student ensemble will perform a musical piece in response to the artwork on the night of the reception. The performance will not only emphasize the importance of collaboration in the arts, but also excite the complex relationship between what we see and what we hear.



Where the Past Meets the Future
Works by Fay Grajower
September 1 – December 30, 2013



An Installation by Jonathan Talit (BU CFA ’14)


What makes up a name, and consequently, an individual?

Defining something helps us to better comprehend it, but at what cost comes this simplification? Could our personal identity be constructed in such a way that is contextual, and mutually exclusive with regards to someone else’s context?  This installation is an identity project that hopes to question our ability to change the context we are born into, how it defines a community, and if that’s even necessary in comprehending ourselves as human beings.


This piece requires the signature of you, the viewer, in order to investigate the individual presence among a group. Make your mark, on any part, or parts, of the piece in a manner of your choosing.

Once the show is over, the piece will be removed from the wall and recycled again into more squares. Each participant will be mailed a new square, where it will serve new functions, new contexts, and new definitions.