Student Leaders

BLT “BU Jewish Leadership Team”

The BU Jewish Leadership Team spans across all student leaders invested in exploring creative, innovative, and passion based projects that speak to their interests and those of their social networks. Each BLTer partners with a staff mentor to cultivate and create programs and events. Students engage in discovery and incubation and are encouraged to develop into self-sustaining social-entrepreneurs. There are eight tracks within the BU Jewish Leadership team that students can explore. These tracks include:

  • Empowerment – Dream big and follow your passions with staff mentorship and generous grants.
  • Discovery – Engage students in your own communities, on your own terms.
  • Coalition Building – Cultivate interfaith partnerships across campus.
  • Exploration – Reconnect with your heritage. Travel across the world. Recruit your friends to join in.
  • IFocus – If you will it, it is no dream, immerse in Israel related initiatives.
  • Identity – Create pluralistic Jewish community! What does Judaism mean to you and others?
  • Exploration – Recruit friends to travel to jewish communities!
  • Social Justice – Fellowships across Boston.
  • Professional – Internships in industry specializations.

The BU Jewish Leadership team encompasses:

  • Engagement Interns “Coffee Crew”: The Hillel Engagement Interns, dubbed “The Coffee Crew”, are made up of excited, passionate, and unique students that come from all different backgrounds both here at the university and within the Hillel community. The interns are here to take new to BU students out to coffee (or tea) to discuss what brings joy and meaning to their lives. See members of the Coffee Crew.
  • Birthright Interns: Birthright Interns work across Boston University to spread the wonder and enthusiasm of traveling to Israel on BU Birthright trips. They implement variety of fun, interactive, and educational ways to get involved in immersive trips to Israel. To learn more visit our BU Birthright page.
  • Religious Life Fellows : The RLC is a cohort of student leaders from various religious communities. The group meets weekly to learn together, build pluralistic Jewish values, and establish meaningful and joyous religious, learning and holiday programs. To learn more contact Rabbi Elie Lehmann,
  • Building Bridges Interns: David Project Interns participate in the David Project Interfaith mission on campus, culminating in a winter-break trip to Israel to explore various cultural, historical, and political aspects of Israel. Interns stem from various faith backgrounds and work across campus to create diverse dialogue and build personal narratives of Israel. To learn more contact Assistant Director, Ethan Sobel,
  • Nonprofit Management Internship – Contact for more details. Get tactical training in fundraising, financial, and operations management throughout the semester while building key skills in the nonprofit sector.
  • Social Justice Fellowship – Contact for more details.Engage the City of Boston while volunteering on an occasional basis, bonding with new friends, and shmoozing over the meaning of civic engagement and social justice.
  • Sababa Fellows –Contact for more details.Experience Israel while connecting with Israeli diplomats and start-ups, and participating in Israeli food and film festivals. All culminates with you producing your Israel journey through a journal, art piece, poem, etc.

Learn more about the BLTers and their projects.

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board governs the Hillel Students Organization SAO group and is a prominent leadership cohort at BU Hillel and within the BLT. The Student Board creates and implements social, religious and community outreach programs. The Board also helps formulates appropriate Jewish communal responses to situations across campus and the world. Additionally, the Student Board works with the other Hillel student groups on larger programs, as well as to strengthen relationships between student groups on campus. See members of the student board.

Jewish Life Clubs and Groups

BU Hillel works to support all Jewish life and Pro-Israel groups on campus. To learn more about who is engaging in this area, click here.