Student Board

The Hillel Student Board is the general programming and coordinating group at the center of Boston University Hillel’s student activities. The Student Board creates and implements social, religious and community outreach programs and organizes community service and social action events throughout the school year. Additionally, the Student Board works with the other Hillel student groups on larger programs, as well as with non-Hillel groups to strengthen relationships between student groups on campus. In essence, the role of the Student Board is to bring all the parts of Hillel together to create and maintain a vibrant Jewish Community on campus.

Community Feedback

The Student Board is implementing a Communication Initiative in order to gather feedback or suggestions about events, programs, policies, and anything else related to our Hillel. In order to do so, we hope to enact constructive reforms. Below you will see a number of ways to get in touch with board members directly, as well as download important documents detailing standards that board members have agreed to abide by.

Student Board Contact Sheet

Need to contact a board member? Here is all the information you need.

Board Constitution

Any updates or amendments will be posted by the end of the semester after discussed with the Student Board and staff.

Board Covenant

Based on the Constitution, this temporary policy has been voted on and approved by the Executive and General boards as a preventative measure against spreading misinformation among student leaders or to the public at large for this year-long term.

Board Meetings

  • Eboard Meetings: Mondays 3 pm – 4 pm
  • Gboard Meetings: Tuesdays 8 pm – 9 pm

Instructions to attend/present at a G-board meeting:

We want to ensure that all students can have direct contact with board members. G-board meetings are open to the public unless a confidential discussion or voting process is being conducted.

To allow enough time for students to address the G-board at the meeting, they must reach out to Zohar Baruch (President) at or fill out the community feedback form by 5:00 pm on Mondays so she has time to add it to the agenda.

Any student may attend a G-board meeting even if he/she misses the deadline, but may have to wait until the next week to ensure the desired amount of time.