Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

The Institute recognizes and supports exceptional undergraduates from across the University doing computational research through the UROP Summer Research Awards. This award is granted to individuals using data-driven or computational approaches in conducting research.  UROP is designed to help Boston University full-time undergraduate students become involved in research.

  • Lawrence Luo, “The American Sign Language STEM Concept Learning Resource: Development of a Web-Based Educational Resource in the Fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students”
    Mentor: Lorenzo Orecchia, Robert Hoffman, Deaf Studies (SED)
  • Matin Sakib, “Simulation of Aftershocks in the Olami-Feder-Christensen (OFC) earthquake model to find Omori’s Law’s critical exponent”
    Mentor: Douglas Densmore, William Klein, Physics (CAS)
  • Trishta Tiwari, “Integration of the Datacenter Physical Layer into the MOC Monitoring System”
    Mentor: Ayse Coskun, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ENG)

  • Raymond Mead, “Fast Iterative Methods for Approximation Algorithms”
    Mentor: Lorenzo Orecchia, Department of Computer Science 
  • Zachary Chapasko, “Phoenix Computational Tool”
    Mentor: Douglas Densmore, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Nevin Zheng, “Memory Management for Multi-Core Processors”
    Mentor: Tali Moreshet, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Joseph Cho, “Interactive Neuroanatomy Course For Clinical Neuroscience Students”
    Mentor: James Otis, Department of Computer Science

  • Luke Rosenfield, “Probability Distributions and the Black-Scholes Formula for Modeling Stocks and American Call Options”
    Mentor: Emma Previato, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Benjamin Lawson, “Do Tests of Objects Recognition Algorithms in Virtual Environments Predict Success in the Real Word?”
    Mentor: Massimiliano Versace, College of Arts and Sciences CompNET
  • Andrew Trainor, “Abnormal Internet Route Detection and Visualization”
    Mentor: Sharon Goldberg, Department of Computer Science
  • Eric Dunton, “Artifact: Accessible Deployment of Custom Programming Languages”
    Mentor: Andrei Lapets, Department of Computer Science
  • Dean Shi, “Power Optimization and Development of Power Policies on Mobile Devices”
    Mentor: Ayse Coskun, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Shiran Sukumar, “Massachusetts Open Cloud”
    Mentor: Orran Krieger, Department of Computer Science