Sponsored Research

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Institute research activities are focused at the nexus of cloud computing, cyber security, and data science.  Big data problems require the on-demand, high-performance computing resources offered by cloud systems; operating on data in the cloud requires sophisticated approaches to cyber security; and real progress in cyber security results in new approaches to cloud computing and data analytics.

The research projects and collaborations listed below are examples of high-impact research in these areas.

MOC.2016 Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC): Built upon a unique academic, industry, and government partnership, the MOC project is developing an open, production-quality cloud computing system that enables research and provides leading-edge services for scientific computing.
Modular Approach to Cloud Security (MACS): A multi-institution project striving to develop methods for building information systems with meaningful multi-layered security guarantees.
SCOPElogo Smart-city Cloud-based Open Platform and Ecosystem (SCOPE): Collaborators from city, regional, and state agencies are working to create a multi-sided marketplace for smart-city services in which stakeholders compete and cooperate within the same infrastructure.
Screen-Shot-2014-10-17-at-10.00.07-AM BU-Lincoln Lab Collaboration: A multifaceted research collaboration that brings together BU faculty and students with MIT Lincoln Lab technical leaders to pursue research interests in verifiable security models, security as a service, moving target defense, secure cloud computing, and more.