Hariri Institute Research Awards

The Institute supports a portfolio of ambitious research projects and activities that align with its mission to catalyze new directions and collaborations in interdisciplinary research that applies computational and data-driven approaches. By supporting projects in social sciences, humanities, law, business, and medicine – to engineering, computer science, and statistics, the Research Awards advance the Institute’s goal of bringing together and building a community of researchers across schools and colleges at BU.

In this research award program, the Institute sees itself not only as a funding source, but also as a partner.  We encourage principal investigators to involve the Institute early to discuss proposal ideas.

Please review the criteria for Hariri Research Awards below completing your proposal submission. The deadline for the Fall 2016 proposal call is Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 5pm. 

Hariri Faculty Affiliates doing research that applies data-driven and/or computational approaches are eligible to submit proposals. If you are not yet an Affiliate, please apply here; all PIs and Co-PIs must submit faculty affiliate forms.

Funding up to 50k can be requested depending on the type of project which can include:

  • Research projects
  • Activities in direct support of research
  • Software development through SAIL in support of existing or translational research

Note: Upon an award, funds may be carried forward at most one year and by approval only.

The Institute prioritizes project selection based on the following criteria:

  • Defining a new area of research, and/or taking existing research in a new direction
  • Proposals on novel, joint research efforts from faculty in different disciplines, preferably with no prior record of collaboration
  • The impact and likelihood of success including positioning faculty for other funding and/or significant professional growth
  • Proposals with explicitly specified faculty collaborators and/or graduate students

  • The submission deadline for Fall 2016/Spring 2017 funding is 5 pm, Tuesday, November 15, 2016.
  • The Executive Steering Committee makes the final decision on which projects to support based on a presentation by the Institute leadership. Proposals to be funded will be notified following the HIC Steering Committee’s decision.

In a proposal of at most two (2) pages in length, please include the following. Proposals that exceed 2 pages will be returned.

  • Why is this project important to society (2-3 sentences)
  • Project overview (3-5 sentences)
  • A project description that includes its readiness and dependencies, expected outcomes and deliverables, and potential future extramural funding sources.
  • How the project meets the selection criteria, and discussion of why this project is not currently appropriate for other available funding sources.
  • Requested budget and justification. Allowable expenses include grad student and visiting faculty salary and expense software development efforts via SAILIneligible expenses include overhead, fringe benefits, travel, publications and PI/faculty salaries. Note, funds may be carried forward at most one year and by approval only.

For technical/research-related questions, please contact Andrei Lapets, Director of Research Development, at lapets@bu.edu.

For administrative questions (process, budget, etc.), please contact Linda Grosser, Director, Program and Project Management, of the Hariri Institute, at lgrosser@bu.edu.