Fellows of the Hariri Institute

The intellectual core of the Institute is its array of Fellows—leading researchers who share in the Institute’s mission to drive research using computational techniques.  The Institute has named several distinct kinds of Fellows:

  • Faculty Fellows include both faculty whose research projects are funded by the Institute and faculty who have distinguished themselves in contributions to the computational work of the Institute
  • Junior Faculty Fellows are selected by the Executive Steering Committee through a competitive nomination process for a three-year appointment
  • Visiting Fellows are scholars from other institutions spending time at the Institute in collaborative research endeavors
  • Postdoctoral Fellows have recently earned a Ph.D. and are currently working on a research project of the Institute
  • Past Fellows—whether a Faculty, Junior, or Visiting Fellow—continue to be ambassadors of the Hariri Institute for Computing mission to foster interdisciplinary research in the crossroads of computing and computation science and engineering!