Leadership Team

Founding Director

Azer Bestavros
Professor, Computer Science, College Arts and Sciences
Cyber-physical and real-time systems; Internet & cloud computing; economics-inspired computing [2011–present]


Executive Steering Committee Members

CAS faculty - mathamamatics, statistics, and computer science
Margrit Betke
Professor, Computer Science, College Arts and Sciences
HCI for people with disabilities; medical and cellular imaging; visual analysis of bat behavior [2011–present]


David Castanon
Professor, Electrical & Computing Engineering, College of Enginerring
Stochastic control; combinatorial optimization and scheduling; subsurface imaging [2011–present]


Ran Canetti
Professor, Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences
Cryptography; cybersecurity; composable security; theoretical computer science 


David Coker
Professor, Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences
Computational molecular chemistry; computational atomistic modeling; computational material science [2012–present]


Mark Crovella
Professor & Chair, Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences
Performance evaluation of computer systems; Internet measurement; network science [2011–present]


Chrysanthos Dellarocas
Professor, Information Systems, School of Management
Online reputation systems; social networks; collective intelligence; economics of media industry [2011–present]


Roscoe Giles
Professor, Electrical & Computing Engineering, College of Engineering
Advanced computer architectures; high-performance distributed and parallel computing; computational science [2011–present]


Cornelius Hurley:
Professor & Director, School of Law
Banking, financial law, and public policy; economic modeling and investment management [2012–present]


Kepler-T-150x150 copy
Thomas Kepler
Professor, Microbiology, School of Medicine
Computational and comparative immunology; evolution of multilevel systems; biostatistics; bioinformatics [2012–present]


Orran Krieger
Research Professor, Computer Science, College Arts and Sciences
Operating systems and virtualization; software systems; cloud computing [2012–present]


Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
Professor, Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering
Computational cognitive and neuroscience for cross-modal integration; neural coding and perception [2011–present]


Strom Thacker
Professor, International Relations and Political Science, College Arts and Sciences
International and comparative political economy, governance, and development; Latin American studies; Mexican political economy and politics [2012–present]


Former Members

Richard Brower
Professor, Electrical & Computing Engineering, College of Engineering
Computational physics; molecular dynamics simulation; high-performance scientific computing [2011–2012]


Mark Friedl
Professor, Earth & Environment,  College Arts and Sciences
Remote sensing; computational and statistical models for land-atmosphere energy exchange [2011–2012]


Claudio Rebbi
Professor, Physics, College of Arts and Sciences
Computational physics; particle theory; computational methods for QCD [2011–2012]


Straub, John
John Straub
Professor, Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences
Computational methods for modeling and analysis of protein dynamics and thermodynamics [2011–2012]


Tanya Zlateva
Associate Professor, Computer Science, Metropolitan College.
Ex OfficioInformation security; computational modeling of visual perception; pattern recognition [2011–2013]