Past Institute Newsletters

Below is a list of our past newsletters. These cover such topics as staff recognition, Institute events, updates, and highlighted research.


April 2019

Stories in this edition: Emily Whiting is named a Sloan Research Fellow, Wil Koch is recognized for his work with NeuroFlight, TechTogether is a success and updates regarding the new Data Science Building.

December 2017

Stories in this edition: Multi-party Computing (MPC), Cyber Security launches seminar series, Demo Day and Poster Sessions, and NSF workshops.

July 2017

Stories in this edition: Cloud Computing ecosystems, Dino Christenson, DS Fellows John Byers and Ahmed Ghappour.

January 2017

Stories in this edition: Red Hat launches 5M partnership, Digital Health Initiative starts and Mayank Varia is appointed Co-Director of RISCS.