Boston Women’s Workforce Council (BWWC)

The BWWC is a collaboration between the City of Boston and BU that aims to close the wage gap and remove barriers to women’s advancement. Using data‐driven methods, the BWWC works with businesses in a private‐public endeavor to build a more equitable workforce. In collaboration with SAIL, BWWC collects wage data of 100,000+ employees to construct a comprehensive outlook on the wage gap in Boston. The BWWC joined the Institute in 2017.

The Council serves as a resource and thought leader on the gender-based wage gap, in addition to other challenges facing women in today’s workforce. Working both one-on-one and in coalition with our signers and other like-minded organizations, the Council aims to raise consciousness about the disparity between women’s and men’s wages and encourage measurable actions toward women’s full and equal participation in the workforce.


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