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Institute Directors and DHI Affiliate to Speak at the Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy Nexus Series Event on October 17, 2018

The Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy, which partners with the Hariri Institute for Computing to form the Digital Health Initiative (DHI), will host the next event in their Nexus Series on October 17, 2018, titled: A Tale of Two (or More) Datasets: Multiparty Computing for Health Care Research and Beyond. The seminar will feature […]

Institute Releases Hariri Nexus Summer Edition

The Hariri Institute for Computing is pleased to release the summer edition of the Hariri Nexus, our online newsletter. Check out the release for information about research highlights, innovative partnerships & programs, new faces at the Institute, and more!

Online Speech, Computational Fact Checking & Ethics in Computer Science

The consensus is simple: we’re drowning in data. Over the past few decades, and predominately spurred by the modern Internet, information has become extremely democratized and accessible. As we move towards a world where news both breaks and is disseminated across social media sites, such as Twitter, there’s an even greater need for detecting data credibility in real time. With the massive amounts of data available, algorithms are increasingly relied upon to make sense of that information.

Q&A with John Byers and Ahmed Ghappour, Data Science Faculty Fellows

Following the March 2017 launch of the Boston University Data Science Faculty Fellows program and call for nominations, Provost Jean Morrison announced the program’s inaugural fellows, John Byers, Professor of Computer Science, and Ahmed Ghappour, Associate Professor of Law (joining BU in fall 2017), this past May. We caught up with John and Ahmed to learn about how they use data science in their research and what they’re looking forward to as the Data Science Faculty Fellows program continues to grow.

Meet the SAIL Interns

If you go inside Hariri Institute for Computing at 111 Cummington Mall, a slightly low-profile street on the east campus of Boston University, quite frequently you will find a group of young people exchanging ideas and discussing progress of their projects on a 72-inch screen in a conference room with glass walls.

Cloud Computing Initiative Advances Research Model through Industry Engagement

More and more, the services and applications we use for communication, security, storage, analytics, and just about every other technological need are based in the cloud. For most users, that’s a vague term meaning “not housed locally.” For the researchers and engineers working with the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) project and Red Hat Collaboratory, both hosted at Boston University, it’s a world of opportunity.