Category: AIR Seminars

“Grounding Natural Language Phrases in Images and Video” Bryan Plummer (Computer Science)

Please join us for an AIR Seminar featuring Bryan Plummer (University of Illinois). Plummer completed his PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign advised by Svetlana Lazebnik. His thesis research has focused on the joint learning of images and text, with a general interest in visual recognition, representation learning, and computer vision for fashion.

Institute-incubated Research Leveraged for Major Google Research Award

What began as a small, Hariri Institute seed-funded research project to explore new methods for analyzing social media data has grown into a Google-sponsored, award-winning research endeavor. Lei Guo, Hariri Junior Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Emerging Media Studies, received a Hariri Research Incubation award in June of 2016 to pursue her proposal, Statistically Principled […]

Institute Fellow Publishes on Machine Learning in Medical Field

Vijaya Kolachalama, a faculty member within the Section of Computational Biomedicine in the Boston University School of Medicine, leverages machine learning, image processing, and statistical modeling to understand pathophysiological mechanisms relevant to forecasting the likely course of various diseases.  Funded through the Hariri Institute Research Incubation Award program in January of 2017, Kolachalama’s project, Machine Learning-Driven Quantification of Pathological Fibrosis […]

AI Research Tackles Decision-Making Transparency

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more and more commonplace, the demand for these tools to reduce mistakes and become more transparent has created a critical need for advanced research. Bolstered by a $7.55 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Kate Saenko, assistant professor of computer science and core faculty member of the AI Research (AIR) Initiative at BU, and UC-Berkeley faculty Trevor Darrell are working to uncover new ways to understand the decision-making processes of AI tools.

AI Emerges as Crucial Component of BU Research and Teaching

Brian Kulis joined BU in the fall of 2015, bringing his expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to key research and teaching thrusts of the university. An assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and the inaugural Levine Career Development Professor, Kulis leverages AI and machine learning to advance the rapidly expanding field of data science.