Archive: Institute Research Labs

The Institute labs listed below coordinate faculty and student activities related to the study and development of computing capabilities and methodologies. Each lab reflects a distinct intellectual research scope and culture, shared by faculty and students spanning multiple computing disciplines.

Laboratory for Computing Models and Algorithms

The CMA Lab focuses on the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computing and communication, including:

  • Theory of computation and computability
  • Algorithms and algorithmic complexity
  • Numerical Methods and Optimization
  • Cryptography and Number Theory
  • Coding and Information Theory
  • Formal Methods
  • Programming Language Theory
  • Non-Deterministic and Quantum Computing

Laboratory for Networking and Software Systems

The NSS Lab focuses on the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of computing, networking, and software artifacts, including:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Compilers and Operating Systems
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Networking and Internet Protocols
  • Web and Cloud Computing
  • Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks
  • Hybrid and Cyber-physical Systems
  • Software Engineering

Laboratory for Data Management and Mining

The DMM Lab focuses on methods and tools for data-intensive computing and large-scale data management and analysis, including:

  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Indexing and Search
  • Data Fusion, Compression, and Summarization
  • Statistical Data Analysis and Characterization
  • Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data Analysis
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Graphics and Visualization