Centers & Initiatives

A number of established Centers and Initiatives are federated and/or hosted under the Institute:

Unlike the Institute’s broad coverage of disciplines and methodologies, each center and initiative is focused on a particular mission that engages a tighter community of scholars.

More broadly, to promote and effect a highly-collaborative interdisciplinary research culture, the Institute’s activities are pursued within a lattice of “labs” and “clusters”.  Labs oversee faculty and student activities focused on studying, developing, and perfecting computational capabilities along computing research methodologies; whereas clusters coordinate multidisciplinary projects and initiatives targeting broad application domains. The Institute Labs are focused on Computing Models and Algorithms (CMA); Networking and Software Systems (NSS); and Data Management and Mining (DMM). The Institute Clusters are organized around computational and data-driven themes targeting Biological and Medical Sciences (BMS); Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS); Social and Management Sciences (SMS); and Art, Communication, and Education (ACE).

Labs and Clusters