Research Days US 2020

Red Hat Research Days US 2020 are a series of virtual conversations about research and innovations in open source. An initiative organized by Red Hat, and open to researchers, developers, students, and others (with no-cost registration),  Research Days provide researchers, technologists, and students an opportunity to collectively discuss research developments that have the potential to transform the way we build and use computers, clouds, and the cyber-secure data we trust in those systems. 

The Research Days feature discussions and presentations by experts from numerous universities and research groups around the United States. This year, the virtual series will explore research to improve privacy and security, make experimentation and system execution more reproducible, and enhance the performance of cloud systems. Themes include Kernel/Hardware Development, Distributed Workflows, Privacy, and Infrastructure Software. 

The Red Hat Collaboratory, co-directed by Orran Krieger is a Hariri Institutes Initiative that connects BU faculty and students with industry practitioners working in open-source software communities with the aim to advance research focused on emerging technologies in a number of areas including operating systems, cloud computing services, machine learning, automation, and big data platforms. 

Participating members of the Hariri Institute and Boston University Community are highlighted below.  To learn more about Research Days, click here. 

  • Ilya Baldin, Director, Network Research & Infrastructure, RENCI (Collaborator on Mass Open Cloud research)
  • Merce Crosas, Chief Data Science and Technology Officer, IQSS,  Harvard University (Connected Initiative of Mass Open Cloud)
  • Bandan Das, Engineer in Residence and software developer in the Virtualization group at the Red Hat Collaboratory
  • Uli Drepper, Distinguished Engineer, Office of the CTO at Red Hat (Collaborator on Mass Open Cloud and Red Hat Collaboratory research)
  • Frederick Jansen, Interim Director and Associate Director of Engineering, Software Application & Innovation Lab (SAIL)
  • Orran Krieger, PI, Mass Open Cloud, Co-Director, Red Hat Collaboratory and Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ENG
  • Ali Raza, Ph.D., Boston University
  • Kate Saenko, Co-Director of Artificial Intelligence Research (AIR) and Associate Professor, Computer Science, CAS
  • Ahmed Sanaullah, Senior Data Scientist (FPGAs) at Red Hat (Former Red Hat Collaboratory PhD student)
  • Adam Smith, Professor, Computer Science, CAS,
  • Parul Sohal, Doctoral Student, Computer Science Department
  • Sahil Tikale, Doctoral Student, Computer Science Department
  • Larry Woodman, Senior Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat (Collaborator on Mass Open Cloud and Red Hat Collaboratory research)