Hariri Research Fellow Ksenia Bravaya Awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

Ksenia Bravaya, a BU chemistry professor and Hariri Research Fellow, was recently named as a 2020 Sloan Research Fellowship. She is one of 126 early-career researchers chosen within the United States and has been awarded a two-year, $75,000 fellowship to help advance her research. 

Bravaya’s research focuses on the movement and transfer of electrons. She and her team have been analyzing whether electrons can cause chemical reactions and trying to discover what these transfer pathways are. In the end, this research can develop a greater understanding of biological systems and can ultimately lead to creating molecules with desired properties. 

As a Research Fellow at the Hariri Institute, Ksenia Bravaya works alongside others to further research in specific fields of interest. This fellowship includes faculty funded by the Institute and distinguished researchers who contribute to the computational work of the Institute. Please visit our webpage to learn more about the fellowships at the Hariri Institute.